European Glass Context 2016 forms part of a biennial symposium for European contemporary glass and ceramics on the island of Bornholm in Denmark.

Through comprehensive exhibitions, workshops, master classes and lectures, we wish to discuss and present the best of contemporary European glass of today.

This event is motivated by a desire to promote the disciplines and trades of glass and ceramic art at European and global levels. Through this event we aim to cover the topic and show an overview of contemporary European glass and ceramics with changing biannual exposure. European Glass Context is jointly organized by The Royal Danish Academy School of Design Bornholm, Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gård.


EGC2016 Exhibitions – general information

Two exhibitions will be organized by EGC2016 at Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gaard.

Artwork can be made in any technique and form of artistic expression. The materials used in the artwork must be predominantly glass. Objects must be unique and not part of serial or industrial production. Artwork must be available throughout the full exhibition period. Artwork must be contemporary and made in 2012 or later, work produced before this time will not be accepted.


Who can participate in the EGC2016 exhibitions?

All 28 members of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are invited to participate in the EGC2016 exhibitions.

Artists must be of the nationality or be a resident in the country they represent. Artists that took part in the EGC2012, may not participate in the same exhibition category in EGC2016.


Exhibition at Bornholm Art Museum EGC2016

EGC2016 – Curated

Will be exhibited at Bornholm Art Museum and will be curated by a group of 6 curators. The curators will nominate artists for participation from their region, the curator group will make the final selection.

A minimum of 1, and a maximum of 2 artists from each of the 31 European countries will be accepted and be represented with 1- 2 principal pieces of work.

Participation in this exhibition, is by nomination only.


EGC2016 – Open Call

Will be exhibited at Grønbechs Gaard and will be curated by open call, where individual curators, artist groups or artists can apply for participation. With this approach, we hope to include collaborative works, experimentalism, activism etc. The curator group will select works and projects for participation among the applicants.


The EGC2016 Prizes and Jury

Two prizes of € 10.000 € and € 5000 will be given to two outstanding artists or artists groups, selected among the participants in the two exhibitions. A jury of three international members with expertise within the field of glass will go through the exhibitions before the opening and select the prize winners. The winners will be announced at the exhibition opening.


The Jury members are:

Åsa Jungnelius SE, Artist and professor at Konstfack Stockholm SE

Jean-Luc Olivié FR, Chief Curator at Musee Les Arts Décoratifs FR

Lars Kærulf Møller DK, Museum director, Bornholm Art Museum DK


Exhibition catalogue

An exhibition catalogue will be produced presenting all artists with images of their work, critical notes and a short CV, as well as essays on contemporary ceramics.



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