Inter-organisational asset management: linking an operational and a strategic view

Ylä-Kujala, Antti, Marttonen, Salla, Kärri, Timo, Sinkkonen, Tiina and Baglee, David (2016) Inter-organisational asset management: linking an operational and a strategic view. International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking, 6 (3). pp. 366-385. ISSN 1460-6739

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Interconnections and interdependencies are increasing globally. The formation of inter-organisational relationships is a result of the wide-ranging phenomenon of networking. When traditional organisational boundaries are blurred, many challenges arise in coordination and management. They can, however, be addressed by emphasising inter-organisational cost and asset management, a concept novel to the literature. We also claim that companies are able to realise concrete benefits from such joint actions, especially in the long-term. The main objective of the paper is to demonstrate the benefits of inter-organisational asset management on the operational and strategic level with our asset management models. Two focal conclusions emerge. Firstly, we exemplify, and prove, that companies can create economic value collaboratively on either, the operational or the strategic level. Secondly, the cause-and-effect relationship between operational decisions and strategic outcomes is highlighted by integrating the two levels of inter-organisational asset management. Managerial implications can be drawn from both.

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