Self-Emulsifying System of Cinnarizine

Chaw, Cheng and Dian, L. (2013) Self-Emulsifying System of Cinnarizine. In: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition, 10-14 Nov 2013, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio.

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Lipid based drug delivery systems are used to increase the apparent solubility of poorly soluble drugs. They enhance
bioavailability and create the desired pharmacokinetic profile of orally administered drugs. This study aims to study effect of
Labrafac PG, Tween 80 and Acconon CC6 when combines at different ratios to improve dissolution profile of Cinnarizine.
Tween 80: Acconon CC6 of different ratios (1:0 to 0:1) and 10-30% Labrafac PG were mixed before addition of Cinnarizine.
The self-emulsifying systems were characterized for physical appearance, emulsion droplet size, solubility and dissolution
Upon addition of water, all the formulations formed into either a clear or a translucent liquid without phase separation. At
higher ratio of Tween 80 or when only 10% of Labrafac PG was used, the median droplet sizes were smaller and typically
less than 100nm. Solub
ility of Cinnarizine was >30 mg/g pre-concentrate in all batches. Formulations containing 30%
Labrafac PG had shown a better solubility of drug compared to those containing 10% Labrafac PG regardless of the
composition of Tween 80 and Acconon CC6. The overall drug release profiles of Cinnarizine from SEDDs were higher when
compared to pure Cinnarizine. Rapid release of drug was seen in SEDDs with 10% Labrafac PG due to an increase in overall
hydrophilicity of the formulati
on. In addition, when a bigger amount of Tween 80 was incorporated in SEDD, the overall
drug release tended to be higher. Tween 80 has the highest HLB value and lower critical micelle concentration than Acconon
CC6. Hence, when the composition of Tween 80 increased, the quantity of mixed micellar structures also increased which
promoted drug dissolution profiles.
Combining Labrafac PG, Tween 80 and Acconon CC6 has successfully produced SEDDs for
immediate release of
water soluble drug. This work had shown that self-emulsifying ability, droplet size distribution and formulation ratios could
affect the overall release of drug from the self-emulsifying systems.

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