Electrical properties of LiNbO3 (electrolyte)/Cu (anode) bi-layers

Horopanitis, E.E., Perentzis, G., Karagiannidis, Panagiotis and Papadimitriou, L. (2011) Electrical properties of LiNbO3 (electrolyte)/Cu (anode) bi-layers. Materials Science and Engineering: B, 176 (6). pp. 512-514. ISSN 09215107

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In this work specific film structures of Li–Nb–O/Li/Li–Nb–O are investigated by AC Impedance Spectroscopy measurements at different temperatures. This gives the opportunity to investigate properties of the material itself and, at the same time, to consider the influence of the grain boundaries on the ionic behavior of the polycrystalline Lithium Niobate. On the other hand, LiNbO3/Li/Cu multi-layers are studied as electrolyte/anode bi-layers and potential parts of “Li-free” microbatteries. The Li deficiency in the as deposited Li–Nb–O films is cured by forming a “sandwich” of Li–Nb–O/Li/Li–Nb–O, which after annealing becomes ionic conductor. The electrical behavior of an annealed film depends on two sources. The first is due to properties of the material itself and the second is based on the network of the grain boundaries. The average size of the grains is strongly influenced by the structure of the ohmic-contact/substrate. The electrical behavior of the electrolyte/anode interface of the “Li-free” structure LiNbO3/Li/Cu/Au is very similar to the impedance measurements of the single LiNbO3 single films. The whole multilayer structure, though, presents a third relaxation time which is consistent of a small resistance. This resistance is independent of temperature and it seems that is due to the metallic interface Li/Cu/Au.

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