Arabella Plouviez

Professor of Photography


University of Sunderland

Photography and representation, Photography in the Age of Web 2.0, Representation of Illness, Representing Alzheimer's disease

Arabella Plouviez runs the Northern Centre of Photography, at the University of Sunderland in the UK. She has been a practicing photographer for a number of years, and she has exhibited and published both nationally and internationally. Her work includes Virus Portraits, looking at our contemporary fear of illness, the Alzheimer's series, looking at memory, photography and routine as related to Alzheimer's, and Deviant Woman, which looks at the impact of Victorian photographs of ‘mad & bad’ women on contemporary representations of women. Her other works include a number of commissions and she combines image and text to visualise ideas and issues often researched through working within different communities. These include work with women prisoners in a high security prison, the representatmore...

BA (Hons) Photography and Film Arts.

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Latest Additions

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