Alex Lockwood

Senior Lecturer


University of Sunderland

Critical Animal Studies, Practices of Writing, Human-Animal Relations, Affect and Identity, Running, Vegan Life Practices, Climate Change, Animal and Environmental Activism

Dr. Alex Lockwood is a creative writer, journalist, activist and academic interested in how we produce knowledge and make meaning through practices of writing, especially around interspecies relations, representations of nonhuman others, animal advocacy and protection, vegan life practices, and running. He has published on the role of emotions, affect and identity in the areas of pro-environmental behaviour and representations of ‘green feelings’ in cultural production. As a journalist and creative writer he is widely published, and as well as twenty years in journalism he has just completed his PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. He is currently writing a popular academic book on climate change, veganism, and the Save Movement.

2014 PhD in Creative Writing, Newcastle University 2014 Churchill Travel Fellow 2005 MA in Creative and Critical Wrtiting, Sussex University 1998 BA in English Lang. and Lit, Cardiff University

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Latest Additions

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