David Archer

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition

Health Sciences& W-b (F) - Nursing & Health Sci (S)

Exercise physiology, Sports nutrition, Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes, Pacing in elite sport, Performance analysis in soccer

Current Teaching: Module leader for Performance Analysis (SSP260), Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (SSP339)and intervention strategies (SSP360). He also teaches about the physiology of training, cardiovascular physiology and research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Dr Archer is currently co-supervising 5 PhD students, 4 at the University of Sunderland and 1 at Northumbria University in the areas of performance analysis, physiology of intermittent exercise, psychology and pacing in sport.

University of Aberdeen Ph.D. (Physiology) Physiological consequences of altering the method of dehydration and rehydration in man. Trinity College Dublin B.A. Natural Sciences (Physiology)

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Latest Additions

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