Jonathan Ling

Professor of Public Health

Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellbeing - FHS Professors

Alcohol, Public health, Ageing

Jonathan Ling is Professor of Public Health at the University of Sunderland. Jonathan has a background in psychology, and is Associate Director of Fuse - the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health. He is interested in applying mixed methods to the study of a range of public health issues, including alcohol use and the impact of ageing on health. <a href="">Jonathan Ling on ResearchGate</a>

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Latest Additions

  1. Gerard, David and Ling, Jonathan (2019) Using positive behavioural support (PBS) for STOMP medication challenge. Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities. (In Press)
  2. Akehurst, Joy, Sattar, Zeibeda, Gordon, Isabel and Ling, Jonathan (2018) Implementing online evidence-based care pathways: A mixed-methods study across primary and secondary care. BMJ Open.
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  4. Bird, L, Landes, D, Robson, T, Sturrock, Andrew and Ling, Jonathan (2018) Higher antibiotic prescribing propensity of dentists in deprived areas and those with greater access to care in the North East and Cumbria: A population-based exploration of prescribing variations. British Dental Journal, 225 (6). pp. 517-524. ISSN 1476-5373
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