Amanda West

Associate Dean Student Recruitment and Academic Development

Sport & Exercise Sciences

University of Sunderland

Sociology of sport, Risk and adventure sports, Risk and play, Gender and sport, Social class and sport, Assessment in higher education

Amanda West taught at the University of Northumbria and the University of Cumbria before commencing employment at the University of Sunderland in 2010. Amanda’s main teaching areas are the sociology of sport and research methods. She has taught modules about sport and social theory, sport equity, sport and the media and sport and social issues. academic discipline is sociology and she has a broad interest in qualitative and quantitative research methods and methodology. Amanda is currently researching the meanings attached to risk by adventure sport participants utilising Mary Douglas’s theoretical treatise about risk and identity. She is also examining climbing habitus (after Pierre Bourdieu), physicality and the intersections of age and gender. Further work about risk is planned in more...

PhD (University of Manchester) MPhil (Sheffield Hallam University) PGCEd (University of Northumbria) BA (Hons) Human Movement Studies (Leeds Polytechnic)

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