Jane Armstrong

Senior Lecturer

Health Sciences& W-b (F) - Nursing & Health Sci (S)

University of Sunderland

Cell signalling (autophagy and apoptosis), Skin biology and development of 3D skin equivalent models, Skin cancer – Melanoma, Psoriasis, Biomarker identification, Retinoid biology and development of retinoic acid metabolism blocking agents for therapy

Dr Jane Armstrong is a Senior Lecturer in Life Sciences in the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Well-being. The catabolic process of autophagy (self-eating) promotes cell survival and cell health by removing damaged proteins and organelles and providing energy. Deregulated autophagy is now associated with numerous diseases, including cancer. Her current research is directed towards deciphering the molecular regulation of autophagy in the skin, in the context of skin cancer (primarily melanoma) and the inflammatory skin disorder psoriasis. The identification of novel regulators of autophagy will ultimately facilitate the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers of disease progression. She also has an interest in retinoid biology and pharmacology involving study into the memore...

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Latest Additions

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