John Mooney

Senior Lecturer in Public Health & Registered Public Health Specialist


local alcohol policies, community intervention studies, local and national public health policy evaluation

Having gained Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health through completing accredited training and membership exams in 2009, I combine my teaching and research interests with working part-time with the public health consultant team at Sunderland City Council. Having previously worked at the Universities of Edinburgh (MRC Fellowship) and Sheffield (Alcohol Research Group), my principle areas of interest have been in policy interventions to tackle chronic disease risk factors such as obesity and alcohol misuse.

BSc; MPH; FFPH; PGCE(H.Ed) Details: BSc Hons (1st Class) Biochemistry & Pharmacology University of Strathclyde, 1989. MPH (Carnegie Scholarship, University of Glasgow. 1996) MFPH Part A Faculty Membership Exam (2007) MFPH Part B Faculty Membership Exam (2009) FFPH Fellowship of Faculty of Public Health Registered Public Health Specialist (Reg. no. FR0511) PGCE (Higher Education), University of Sunderland.

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Latest Additions

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