Marcia Todman

Senior Lectuer


Printmaking, Painting, Art in Health, Intersection of Craft and Contemporary art, Fine Arts project Management, Mixed Media, Participatory Artist

Profile I was born in 1959 in Hertfordshire. I graduated in Painting at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design in 1980 and went on complete an M.A in Printmaking at Chelsea College of Art and Design (1980-81). I have based myself in the Northeast of England since the early 80’s. I am am Artist and Lecturer Teaching . I am stage 1 leader and Admissions tutor for Fine Art. I am also head of Printmaking and I teach on the MA in Participatory Arts. I have taught nationally and presented my research internationally. I have worked extensively on public art and participatory arts projects. I have worked as a project manager for ISIS Arts and currently hold an Artists residency at Art Studio Sunderland working with people who suffer from mental ill health. I am also a trustee more...

Research and Practice The main focus of my research is arts in health. This stemmed from my practice as a participatory artist where I have specialised in working with people facing life-limiting illness and also people with mental ill health. Another area of interest for me is in personal experiences of public spaces. I have explored this by staging artistic interventions in space through actions such as yarn bombing and performance. I am also part of WALK (Walking, Art, Landskip and Knowledge) research group that focuses on art walking and the experiences of walking through and engaging with the environment we live in. My research is often explored as action research and often culminates in practical outputs such as exhibitions or collaborative art works. Current projects includemore...

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Latest Additions

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