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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Barkess, Donna (2015) and per se &. November 2015, Design Centre Gallery. University of Sunderland.

Berry, Richard (2015) A Golden Age of Podcasting? Evaluating Serial in the Context of Podcast Histories. Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 22 (2). pp. 170-178. ISSN 1937-6529

Berry, Richard (2015) Serial and Ten years of Podcasting: Has The Medium Finally Grown Up. In: Radio, Sound and Internet. LASICS, Braga, Portugal, pp. 299-309. ISBN 978-989-8600-37-0

Broeg, Ralf (2015) The Curves of the Needle. 03 Apr - 17 May 2015, Baltic 39, Newcastle NE1 1EW.


Clayton, Ewan (2015) Clayton, Ewan (2015) Primary Text commentary, ‘Visiting Edward Johgnston’. The Journal of Modern Craft (8-3). pp. 373-383. The Journal of Modern Craft, 8 (3). pp. 373-383. ISSN 1749-6772

Clayton, Ewan (2015) ‘Visiting Edward Johnston: commentary on a primary text’. The Journal of Modern Craft, 8 (3). pp. 383-389. ISSN 1749-6772

Collier, Mike (2015) 'Ghosts of the Restless Shore: Space, Place and Memory'. 22 Aug - 15 Nov 2016, The Atkinson, Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1DB.

Collier, Mike (2015) drawing? .

Collier, Mike, Ley, Marcia and Bowey, Keith (2015) String Bedes , Walk 3 August 2106. Stringing Bedes Exhibition, Jul 2015 - Jul 2016, Bedes World , Roker Church, St Pauls, Church Jarrow. St Peters Church Sunderland..


Dr Mike Collier, Dr M, Marcia Ley, M.G.P and Keith Bowey, K (2015) Response to Bewick. 21 Jan - 31 Mar 2015, Bewick gallery , Gateshead Civic centre.


Farrington, Neil, Hall, Lee, Kilvington, Daniel, Price, John and Saeed, Amir (2015) Sport, Racism and Social Media. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138695382


Galani, Areti and Moschovi, Alexandra (2015) Other People’s (Hi)stories: Bringing Public-Generated Photography into the Contemporary Museum. In: PHOTOGRAPHY, HISTORY, DIFFERENCE. Interfaces series . Dartmouth College Press, University Press of New England (UPNE), under review, Darmouth, New England. (Submitted)

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Anni Albers, Lothar Götz, Toulu Hassani ,Olaf Holzapfel, Vincent Vulsma. Anni Albers - Lothar Götz - Toulu Hassani - Olaf Holzapfel - Vincent Vulsma, 23 May - 04 Jul 2015, Petra Rinck Galerie Düsseldorf, Germany.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Drawing Biennial 2015. 5 Mar - 30 Apr 2015, Drawing Room, London.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Emotional Abstraction. Lothar Goetz : Emotional Abstraction, 25 Apr - 12 Jul 2015, MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen, Germany.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Festival of Love. 28 June - 31 August 2014, Southbank Centre, London.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Fifty years of The University of Warwick Art Collection. Imagining a University, 29 Apr - 20 Jun 2015, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) The London Open 2015. The London Open, 15 Jul - 16 Sep 2015, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Lothar Goetz Line Drawings. Documentation. Ridinghouse, London.

Goetz, Lothar (2015) Soho Room at the House of St Barnabas. Soho Room, 1.7. 2014 - 2.10.2015, House of St Barnabas, London.

Graham, Beryl (2015) Collecting After New Media panel. In: ISEA 2015 Symposium, 16-19 August, Vancouver.

Graham, Beryl (2015) Collecting New Media Art. In: CI Dialogues, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, November 2015, Istanbul.

Graham, Beryl (2015) Equal Partnerships. In: Policy Priorities for the Creative Industries - A Manifesto for the New Government, 9 July, London.

Graham, Beryl (2015) Right Where, Right When? In: Right Here, Right Now. Salford: The Lowry, pp. 39-46.


Hayes, Peter (2015) Riots in Thatcher's Britain. In: Crowd Actions in Britain and France from the Middle Ages to the Modern World. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 256-269. ISBN 9780230203983

Hellawell, Sarah (2015) Book Review, Cathy Hunt, National Federation of Women Workers, 1906–1921 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) in Economic History Review, vol. 68, no. 2 (2015), 739–740. Economic History Review, 68 (2). pp. 739-740.

Hutchinson, James (2015) The House of Ears at the What Things May Come exhibition. What Things May Come, 4 Feb - 4 Mar 2015, Sarofim school of fine art southwestern university george town texas.

Hutchinson, James, Walker, Zoe and Bromwich, Neil (2015) 'Towards Concrete'. The Art Lending Library, 5 May - 13 Jun 2015, City Library & Arts Centre / Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Fawcett Street, Sunderland.


Kefala-Kerr, John (2015) Flawed Notes for Unsound Ears. In: BEAST FEaST, 28-30 Apr 2016, Birmingham University. (Unpublished)

Kefala-Kerr, John (2015) Grexit: Hellenic Objects in Crisis. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Knight, Julia and Gledhill, Christine (2015) Doing Women's Film History: Reframing Cinemas, Past and Present. University of Illinois Press, Illinois. ISBN 0252081188


Ley, Marcia (2015) Room For You Arts in Health presentation Arts and Society 10th conference 2015. In: 10th International Conference on The Arts and Society, 22-25 Jul 2015, Imperial College London. (Unpublished)

Livingstone, Andrew (2015) Extending Vocabularies: Distorting the Ceramic Familiar - Clay and the Performative 'Other'. GICB Internation Ceramics Colloquium . Korean Ceramic Foundation, Korea.

Livingstone, Andrew (2015) Hands That Build - Hands That Destroy in 9th Cheongju Interantation Craft Biennial, Korea. The 9th Cheongju International Craft Biennale, 16/09/2015 - 25/10/2015, Cheongju, Korea.

Livingstone, Andrew, Petrie, Kevin, Sarmiento, Jeffrey and Watkinson, Cate (2015) Real World Student Experience at Masters level in Art and Design: Case Studies from Glass and Ceramics. In: Masters Level Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Issues in Design and Delivery. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137399366


Maskrey, James (2015) British Glass Biennale Catalogue 2015. British Glass Biennale Catalogue 2015. (Unpublished)

Maskrey, James (2015) The British Glass Biennale. 'The British Glass Biennale', May 2015, Stourbridge.

Maskrey, James (2015) CRAFTS magazine Issue 254 2015. CRAFT magazine Issue 254 2015.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Drawing - An Expressive Gesture With The Advantage of Performance". "Drawing - An Expressive Gesture With The Advantage Of Permanence"., Sunderland, The National Glass Centre.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Essence 2015". "Essence 2015" Invited artist, August 2015, London Glassblowing Gallery.

Maskrey, James (2015) "European Applied Arts Prize". "European Applied Arts Prize", October 2015 - January 2016 .Juried/Selected artist, Grande Halle des Anciens Abattoirs de Mons, Belgium.

Maskrey, James (2015) European Prize for Applied Arts Catalogue 2015. European Prize for Applied Arts Cataloguge.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Glass Glamour". June 2015, Quenington Old Rectory, Quenington.

Maskrey, James (2015) Glass Quarterly, Urban Glass NYC Issue 139. 2015. Glass Quarterly, Urban Glass NYC. (Unpublished)

Maskrey, James (2015) James Maskrey, Histories. Histories, 7-31 Oct 2015, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. (Unpublished)

Maskrey, James (2015) "James Maskrey-Histories", Solo Show. "James Maskrey-Histories", Solo Show, October 2015, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

Maskrey, James (2015) Magdalene Odundo, Tri-part-us, 2015. Magdalene Odundo, Tri - part - us.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Making It: Building your Craft Future". In: "Making It. Building your Craft Future"., 05 Mar 2015, Whitworth Gallery Manchester.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Many a Slip". July 2015, Marsden Woo Gallery, London.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Mersey Maritime". May - July 2015, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Narrating Process". In: Northlands Creative Glass International Conference, Sep 2015, Lybster, Caithness. (Unpublished)

Maskrey, James (2015) "Neuerwerbungen 2014/New Acquisitions 2014". January - Aapril 2015, Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding Collection Exhibition Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding. Coesfeld-Lette. Germany.

Maskrey, James (2015) 'A Passion for Glass' The Dan Klein and Alan J Poole Collection 2015. In: A Passion for Glass: The Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole Private Collection. National Museums Of Scotland. ISBN 978-1905267835

Maskrey, James (2015) "Recollected". "Recollected" Invited artist, March - June 2015, Sunderland Museaum and Wintergardens..

Maskrey, James (2015) "Ripples" CGS juried show. "Ripples", CGS juried show, March - May 2015, The pyramid Gallery, York.

Maskrey, James (2015) "Synergy". "Synergy".(with Richard Slee)., September 2015, London Glassblowing Gallery.

Mitchell, Caroline (2015) Re-Sounding Feminist Radio: A Journey through Women's Community Radio Archives. Feminist Media Histories, 1 (4). pp. 126-143. ISSN 2373-7492

Mitchell, Joanne (2015) Precision Air Entrapment through Applied Digital and Kiln Technologies: A New Technique in Glass Art. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.

Moores, Shaun (2015) We Find Our Way About: Everyday Media Use and 'Inhabitant Knowledge'. Mobilities, 10 (1). pp. 17-35. ISSN 1745-0101

Moschovi, Alexandra (2015) This is Greece: Visualizing Greekness. In: TOURISM LANDSCAPES Remaking Greece (2nd Edition). Domes, Athens. ISBN 9789608963351

Moschovi, Alexandra and Supartono, Alexander (2015) Shifting Powers: Digitality, Modularity and (Im)materiality in the 21st Century Post-Colonial Archive. In: Photography in the 21st Century: Art, Philosophy Technique, 5-6 June 2015, Central St. Martins, London.


Nash, Geoffrey (2015) The Impact of Fear and Authority on Islamic and Baha'i Modernisms in the Late Modern Age: A Liberal Perspective. Religions, 6 (3). pp. 1125-1136. ISSN 2077-1444


Pearce, Michael (2015) The Ethnonym Geordie in North East England. Names: A Journal of Onomastics, 63 (2). pp. 75-85. ISSN 0027-7738

Pearce, Michael (2015) Mam or mum? Sociolinguistic Awareness and Language-ideological Debates Online. Sociolinguistic Studies, 9 (1). pp. 115-135. ISSN 1750-8649

Petrie, Kevin (2015) China Sketch Book. British Glass Biennale: Ruskin Glass and Drawing - An expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence, 2015, National Glass Centre, Sunderland.

Price, John (2015) Where Are All the Women? Diversity, the Sports Media, and Sports Journalism Education. International Journal of Organizational Diversity, 14 (1). pp. 9-19. ISSN 2328-6261


Rennie, Colin (2015) Crafted Computation. In: New Technologies in Practice, 22-24 Oct 2015, Urban Glass. (Unpublished)

Rennie, Colin and Watkinson, Cate (2015) Helping hands [Sculpture]. [Artefact]


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2015) Flitter (Artwork). [Artefact]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2015) Tobacco Factory (Artwork). [Artefact]

Smith, Angela (2015) Argument as sociability: banter, irony and teasing. In: Orebro University Seminar Series, Nov 2015, Orebro, Sweden.

Smith, Angela (2015) Big sister tv: bossiness, bullying and banter in early twenty-first century make-over television. In: Twenty-first Century Feminism: forming and performing femininity. Palgrave, London, pp. 41-65. ISBN 9781137492845

Smith, Angela (2015) Introduction to Twenty-first Century Feminism: forming and performing femininity. In: Twenty-first Century Feminism: forming and performing femininity. Palgrave, London, pp. 1-16. ISBN 9781137492845

Smith, Angela (2015) Mediated political masculinities: the commander-in-chief vs. the new man. Social Semiotics. ISSN 1035-0330

Smith, Angela (2015) The creation of community in public participation broadcasting. In: Ross Priory Broadcast Talk seminar, 6-9 Jul 2015, Ross Priory, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Smith, Angela and Nally, Claire (2015) Twenty-first Century Feminism: forming and performing femininity. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 978-1-137-49284-5

Smith, Clarissa (2015) Sex and sexuality in British media. In: The Routledge Companion to British Media History. Routledge, London, pp. 133-146. ISBN 9780415537186

Smith, Clarissa, Barker, Martin and Attwood, Feona (2015) Why do people watch porn? Results from In: New Views on Pornography: Sexuality, Politics and the Law. Praeger, Santa Barbara USA, pp. 277-296. ISBN 9781440828058

Smith, Susan (2015) 'Disney, Broadway and the Contemporary Animated Film Musical'. In: 27th Society for Animation Studies annual conference: Beyond the Frame, 13-16 Jul 2015, Canterbury Christ Church University. (Unpublished)

Smith, Susan (2015) 'Elizabeth Taylor and the video essay: a case study'. In: The Audio-Visual/ Video Essay in Teaching and Research Symposium, 19 May 2015, University of East Anglia. (Unpublished)

Smith, Susan (2015) 'The Musical Landscape of Frozen'. In: Symfrozium, 12 May 2015, University of East Anglia. (Unpublished)

Smith, Susan (2015) 'Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond (1932-2011)'. In: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Storey, John (2015) 'Culture in British Cultural Studies'. In: Culture and Its Discontents. Innsbruck University Press. ISBN 978-3-86754-318-7

Storey, John (2015) 'What, When, And Where Are The Sixties'. In: The Sixties: A Worldwide Happening. Lecturis. ISBN 9789462261501


Watkinson, Cate (2015) Brenda Bullock Memorial window St Mary's Church Holywell, Northumberland. [Artefact]

Watkinson, Cate (2015) Cate Watkinson: Contributions to the field of architectural glass. In: Glass Reflections: Glass in the Year of Light, 7-9th Sep 2015, Cambridge University, Murray Edwards College. (Unpublished)

Watkinson, Cate (2015) Fellow of Higher Education Academy Claim. Documentation. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Watkinson, Cate and Rennie, Colin (2015) 'Helping Hands' sculpture. [Artefact]

Watson, Carole (2015) Fashion journalism and PR. 1st Edition. In: Fashion Journalism. Routledge, United Kingdom, pp. 219-233. ISBN 978-0-415-68661-7

Watson, Carole (2015) Law and ethics in fashion journalism. In: Fashion Journalism. Routledge, United Kingdon, pp. 234-245. ISBN 978-0-415-68661-7

Wolland, Peter (2015) Paint, Tape and Space. [Image] (Unpublished)

Woodhouse, Joe (2015) Foundation Press – Student Engagement in a Research Active Curriculum. In: Three Rivers Conference, Student Engagement, 27 Mar 2015, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)


Younger, Colin (2015) Spectral Visions: Grim Fairy Tales (ed). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, University of Sunderland. ISBN 978-1512349900

Yuill, Kevin (2015) Book Review: David Scott FitzGerald and David Cook-Martín . Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2014. American Historical Review.

Yuill, Kevin (2015) Controlling guns, controlling blacks: Those demanding gun control post-Charleston need a history lesson. [Online article]. Brendan O'Neill,

Yuill, Kevin (2015) The Unfreedom of Assisted Suicide: How the right to die undermines autonomy. Ethics, Medicine, and Public Health, 2015 (1). pp. 494-502. ISSN 2352-5525

Yuill, Kevin (2015) Views on the News - GUN CONTROLS. [Video]

Yuill, Kevin (2015) The spectre of Japan: the influence of foreign relations on race relations theory, 1905–24. Patterns of Prejudice, 49 (4). pp. 317-342. ISSN 0031-322X

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