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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Abdulhakeem, Idris, Edwards, Helen and McDonald, Sharon (2017) E-commerce adoption in Developing Countries SMEs: What Do the Prevailing Theoretical Models Offer Us? In: 4th International Conference on E-Commerce, 18-20 Sep 2017, Putrajaya, Malaysia.


Baglee, David (2017) Improving maintenance and safety through a proactive strategy. In: 19th Annual Ground Handling International Conference, 27-30 Nov 2017, CCIB, Barcelona. (Unpublished)

Baglee, David, Gorostegu, Unai, Jantunen, Erikki, Campos, Jaime and Sharma, Pankaj (2017) Optimising condition monitoring using Big Data Systems. In: International Conference on Data Mining Systems, 16-20th July 2017, Las Vegas. (Submitted)

Baglee, David, Gorostegu, Unai, Jantunen, Erikki, Campos, Jaime and Sharma, Pankaj (2017) Optimizing Condition Monitoring of Big Data Systems. In: DMIN'17 The 13th International Conference on Data Mining, 17-20 Jul 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Baglee, David, Gorostegui, Unai, Jantunen, Erikki, Sharma, Pankaj and Campos, Jaime (2017) How can SMEs adopt a new method to advanced maintenance strategies? A Case study approach. In: 30th International Congress & Exhibition on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management COMADEM, July 10th-13th 2017, University of Central Lancashire.

Batten, R, Probert, L, Omar, E, Wright, D, Platt, P, McGarry, Kenneth and Atchia, I (2017) Ultrasonic Evaluation of Joint Involvement in Established RA: Active Synovitis Predicts Switching in Suspected Biologic Failure. In: British Society Rheumatology Conference 2017, 25-27 April 2017, ICC, Birmingham. (Unpublished)

Beck, Daniel, El-Assal, K, McGarry, Kenneth and Wride, N (2017) Switching to preservative-free latanoprost: impact on tolerability and patient satisfaction. Clinical Ophthalmology, 11. pp. 557-566. ISSN 1177-5483

Bianchi, Vezio, Carey, Tian, Viti, Leonardo, Li, Lianhe, Linfield, Edmund H., Davies, A. Giles, Tredicucci, Alessandro, Yoon, Duhee, Karagiannidis, Panagiotis, Lombardi, Lucia, Tomarchio, Flavia, Ferrari, Andrea C., Torrisi, Felice and Vitiello, Miriam S. (2017) Terahertz saturable absorbers from liquid phase exfoliation of graphite. Nature Communications, 8. p. 15763. ISSN 2041-1723

Byrne, B, Nelson, David and Jayakumar, R (2017) Big Data Technology - Can We Abandon the Teaching of Normalisation? In: 9th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, 3-5 Jul 2017, Barcelona, Spain.


Campos, Jaime, Sharma, Pankaj, Gabiria, Unai Gorostegui, Jantunen, Erkki and Baglee, David (2017) A Big Data Analytical Architecture for the Asset Management. Procedia CIRP, 64. pp. 369-374. ISSN 2212 8271

Campos, Jaime, Sharma, Pankaj, Jantunen, Erikki, Baglee, David and Fumagalli, Luca (2017) Business performance measurements in asset management with the support of big data technologies. In: MPMM 2016, Maintenance, Performance, Measurement & Management: conference proceedings. Luleå University of Technology, pp. 89-95. ISBN 9789175838410

Campos, Jaime, Sharma, Pankaj, Jantunen, Erkki, Baglee, David and Fumagalli, Luca (2017) Business Performance Measurements in Asset Management with the Support of Big Data Technologies. Management Systems in Production Engineering, 25 (3). pp. 143-149. ISSN 2450-5781

Camposa, Jaime, Sharma, Pankaj, Gabiriac, Unai Gorostegui, Jantunen, Erikki and Baglee, David (2017) A Big Data analytical architecture for the asset management. In: 9th CIRP IPSS Conference : Circular Perspectives on Product/Service-Systems, 2017.

Chen, Meng, Baglee, David, Chu, Jiang Wei, Du, Danfeng and Guo, Xiurong (2017) Photocatalytic oxidation of NOx under visible light on asphalt pavement surface. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 29 (9). p. 1. ISSN 0899-1561

Cockton, Gilbert (2017) New Process, New Vocabulary: Axiofact = A_tefact + Memoranda. In: CHI '17: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, pp. 747-757. ISBN 9781450346566


Dickinson, M, Clawson, Kathy and Horsman, G (2017) A Virtual Environment for Accessible Desktop Navigation. In: British Human Computer Interaction Conference, 3 - 6 Jul 2017, Sunderland University, St Peter's Campus.

Dixon, Derek, Robson, Kenneth, Baglee, David and Wheatley, Alan (2017) The Role of Cultural Development When Improving Maintenance Practice in the Automotive Supply Chain. In: COMADEM 2017, 10th July - 13th July 2017, Preston, United Kingdom.

Dixon-Todd, Yvonne and Hall, Lynne (2017) An Evaluation of Integrated Marketing Communications Education: Considerations, Contradictions and Conclusions. In: Academy of Marketing Conference 2016, 4-7 July 2016, University of Northumbria. (Unpublished)


Elkady, Mustafa, Elmarakbi, Ahmed, MacIntyre, John and Al-Hariri, Mohammad (2017) Collision mitigation and vehicle transportation safety using integrated vehicle dynamics control systems. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition), 4 (1). pp. 41-60. ISSN 2095-7564


Gandy, Elizabeth, McDonald, Sharon, Hogg, Robert and Pigott, Timothy M.C. (2017) Observing the Observer: experiences with contextual inquiry to design a horse rider assessment interface. In: British HCI 2017 Conference Digital Make Believe, 3-6 Jul 2017, Sunderland, UK.

Garcia, Rémi and Modesti, Paolo (2017) An IDE for the Design, Verification and Implementation of Security Protocols. In: The 28th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering Workshops (ISSREW), 23-26 Oct 2017, Toulouse, France.


Hall, Lynne (2017) Sex with Robots for Love Free Encounters. In: International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots LSR 2016: Love and Sex with Robots. Lecture notes in computer science (10237). Springer, pp. 128-136. ISBN 9783319577371

Hall, Lynne, Flint, Tom, O'Hara, Suzy and Turner, Phil (2017) Proceedings of the 31st British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference. BCS Learning & Development Ltd., Swindon.

Hennerley, James, Dickinson, Matthew and Jiang, Ming (2017) Augmented Reality Enhanced Human Robot Interaction for Social Robots as e-Learning Companions. In: HCI 2017 - Digital make-believe, 3 - 6 July 2017, University of Sunderland, St Peter’s campus, Sunderland, UK.

Heritage, John, McDonald, Sharon and McGarry, Kenneth (2017) Integrating association rules mined from health-care data with ontological information for automated knowledge generation. In: The 17th Annual UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence (UKCI-2017), 6-8 Sep 2017, Cardiff.

Horsman, Graeme (2017) 'Combatting those who intentionally access images depicting child sexual abuse on the Internet: A call for a new offence in England and Wales'. Computer Law & Security Review, 34 (1). pp. 111-124. ISSN 0267-3649

Horsman, Graeme (2017) A process-level analysis of private browsing behavior: A focus on Google Chromes Incognito mode. In: 5th International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security (ISDFS), 26-28 Apr 2017, Tirgu Mures, Romania.

Horsman, Graeme (2017) A survey of current social network and online communication provision policies to support law enforcement identify offenders. Digital Investigation. ISSN 1742-2876


Idris, Abdulhakeem, Edwards, Helen and McDonald, Sharon (2017) E-Commerce Readiness of SMEs in Developing Countires: A Model-Driven Systematic Literature Review. In: UKAIS 2017:22nd Annual Conference, 3-5 Apr 2017, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK.

Ihemegbulem, Ibifuro, Baglee, David, Wheatley, Alan and Marttonen-Arola, Salla (2017) The role of ISO 55000 Standard in asset integrity. In: 30th International Congress & Exhibition on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management Comadem., July 10th-13th 2017, University of Central Lancashire. (Submitted)

Ihemegbulem, ibifuro and Baglee, David (2017) ISO55000 Standard as A Driver for Effective Maintenance Budgeting. In: 2nd International Conference on Maintenance Engineering, IncoME-II 2017, 5-6 Sep 2017, University of Manchester.

Irons, Alastair (2017) ‘Reflection on Higher Degree Apprenticeship Development’. Higher Education, Skills and Work Based Learning, 7 (1). pp. 112-122. ISSN 2042-3896

Irving, Philip (2017) Pragmatic teleconsultation network model to address the bandwidth deficiency inhibiting real-time telemedicine implementation in the sub-Saharan Africa. In: Conference: African Conference on Information Systems and Technology 2017, At University of Cape Town, South Africa, July 2017, University of Cape Town.

Irving, Philip (2017) Security Analysis and Development of VolP Testing Methodologies: Becoming the Hacker. In: FTC 2017 - Future Technologies Conference 2017, 29-30 Nov 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Unpublished)


Jantunen, Erkki, Campos, Jaime, Sharma, Pankaj and Baglee, David (2017) Digitalisation of Maintenance. In: 2017 2nd International Conference on System Reliability and Safety, 20-22 Dec 2017, Milan, Italy.

Jantunen, Erkki, Sharma, Pankaj, Gorostegui, Unai, Baglee, David and Campos, Jaime (2017) Management of Maintenance on an e-Maintenance Platform. In: 2nd International Conference on Maintenance Engineering, IncoME-II 2017, 5-6 Sep 2017, University of Manchester.

Javadi, Y, Smith, MC, Abburi Venkata, K, Naveed, Nida, Forsey, AN, Francis, JA, Ainsworth, RA, Trueman, CE, Smith, DJ, Hosseinzadeh, F, Gungor, S, Bouchard, PJ, Dey, HC, Bhaduri, AK and Mahadevan, S (2017) Residual stress measurement round robin on an electron beam welded joint between austenitic stainless steel 316L(N) and ferritic steel P91. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 154. pp. 41-57. ISSN 0308-0161


Karagiannidis, Panagiotis (2017) Formulation and printing of graphene inks. In: Invited lecture, 27 Jun 2017, Graphene Study, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Karagiannidis, Panagiotis (2017) Production of graphene by solution processing and development of graphene-based materials. In: Invited Talk, 21 Jun 2017, The University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering.

Karagiannidis, Panagiotis, Hodge, Stephen A., Lombardi, Lucia, Tomarchio, Flavia, Decorde, Nicolas, Milana, Silvia, Goykhman, Ilya, Su, Yang, Mesite, Steven V., Johnstone, Duncan N., Leary, Rowan K., Midgley, Paul A., Pugno, Nicola M., Torrisi, Felice and Ferrari, Andrea C. (2017) Microfluidization of Graphite and Formulation of Graphene-Based Conductive Inks. ACS Nano, 11 (3). pp. 2742-2755. ISSN 1936-0851

Kendal, Simon (2017) Selected Computing Research Papers Volume 6 June 2017. Selected Computing Research Papers . University of Sunderland, Sunderland.

Khan, Nabeel, McGarry, Kenneth and Holden, Keith (2017) The prevalence of poly-pharmacy and its negative outcomes: A survey of leading health care settings of Pakistan. In: The Great North Pharmacy Research Conference 2017, 21 Jul 2017, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Knowles, Michael, Baglee, David and Sharma, Pankaj (2017) Application of Open Source Hardware to the Development of Autonomous Maintenance Support Systems. In: Advances in Through-life Engineering Services. Decision Engineering . Springer, pp. 333-347. ISBN 978-3-319-49937-6


Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge (2017) Treatment of Polymer Particles. GB1715387.5.


MacFarlane, Kate and Holmes, Violeta (2017) Multi-agent System for Safeguarding Children Online. In: Proceedings of SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2016. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 16 (16). Springer International Publishing AG, pp. 228-242. ISBN 978-3-319-56994-9

McGarry, Kenneth and Assamoha, Ennock (2017) Data integration with self-organising neural network reveals chemical structure and therapeutic effects of drug ATC codes. In: The 17th Annual UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence (UKCI-2017), 6-8 Sep 2017, Cardiff.

McGarry, Kenneth and McDonald, Sharon (2017) Computational methods for text mining user posts on a popular gaming forum for identifying user experience issues. In: British HCI 2017 Conference Digital Make Believe, 3-6 Jul 2017, Sunderland, UK.

Modu, Babagana, Polovina, Nereida, Lan, Yang, Konur, Savas, Asyhari, A Taufiq and Peng, Yonghong (2017) Towards a Predictive Analytics-Based Intelligent Malaria Outbreak Warning System. Applied Sciences, 7 (8). p. 836. ISSN 2076-3417


Naveed, Nida (2017) Residual stress characterisation of a dissimilar metal electron beam welded plate using the contour method. In: BSSM 12th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, 29th Aguest 2017- 31st August 2017, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. (Unpublished)


Omran, Esraa, Nelson, David and M. Roumani, Ali (2017) A Comparative Study to the Semantics of Ontology Chain-Based Data Access Control versus Conventional Methods in Healthcare Applications. Computer and Information Science, 10 (4). p. 1. ISSN 1913-8989

Onyancha, Julius, Plekhanova, Valentina and Nelson, David (2017) Noise Web Data Learning from a Web User Profile: Position Paper. In: WCE 2017, 5-7 Jul 2017, London, UK.

Onyancha, Julius, Plekhanova, Valentina and Nelson, David (2017) Noise Web Data Learning from a Web User Profile: Position Paper. In: , Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science: Proceedings of The World Congress on Engineering 2017 Volume II. IAENG, pp. 608-611. ISBN 9789881404831


Peacock, Donna and Irons, Alastair (2017) Mind The Gap! : Explaining Gender Inequality in Cybersecurity. In: CASS Public Lecture, 1st March 2017, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)


Ridley, Ian (2017) Considerations on Modelling Aspects of Environmental Impact and Developing Sustainability Within Marine Vehicle Concept Design Projects. In: 8TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM SNAME WESTERN EUROPE SECTION, 13 October 2017, London. (Unpublished)

Rolph, Lauren and McGarry, Kenneth (2017) Combination of clozapine with an atypical antipsychotic: a meta-analysis. Mental Health Review, 22 (4). pp. 277-288. ISSN 1361-9322


Sharma, Pankaj, Baglee, David, Campos, Jaime and Jantunen, Erkki (2017) Big data collection and analysis for manufacturing organisations. Big Data and Information Analytics, 2 (2). pp. 127-139. ISSN 2380-6966

Sheikh, Muhammad, Elmarakbi, Ahmed and Elkady, M (2017) Thermal Runaway Detection of Cylindrical 18650 Lithium-ion Battery under Quasi-Static Loading Conditions. Journal of Power Sources, 370. pp. 61-70. ISSN 0378-7753

Sheikh, Muhammad, Elmarakbi, Ahmed and Rehman, Sheikh (2017) Thermal and Electrical failure analysis of lithium-ion battery after crash. In: 2nd International Electrical Engineering Conference (IEEC 2017), 19 - 20 May 2017, IEP Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

Smith, Peter (2017) An Analysis of The Clash in Concert: 1977 to 1982. In: The Clash Takes on the World: Transnational Perspectives on The Only Band that Matters. Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781501317330


Vescio, Giovanni, Lombardi, Lucia, López-Vidrier, Julian, Martín, Gemma, Karagiannidis, Panagiotis, Hodge, Stephen, Estradé, Sònia, Peiró, Francesca, Cornet, Albert, Cirera, Albert, Torrisi, Felice and Ferrari, Andrea (2017) Dielectric h-BN Ink for Flexible Inkjet-Printed Thin-Film Transistors. In: Materials Research Society, MRS Fall Meeting Engineering 2D Materials and Systems for Nanoelectronic and Optoelectronic Applications, 28 Nov 2017, Massachusetts, Boston, USA. (Unpublished)

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