Calligraphy Across Boundaries

Ling, Manny (2008) Calligraphy Across Boundaries. Post-Doctoral thesis, The university of Sunderland.

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The research uses Burgert (1998) and Brody Neuenschwander’s (2000) ideas of the ‘Linear Graphic’ to explore the creative and expressive qualities of the line. In addition, the characteristics of Ch’i are also analysed and identified. This is achieved by exploring and interpreting classic Chinese principles such as ‘Ch’i Yuen Shen Tung’ (Rhythmic Vitality), ‘Harmony of the Mind and Hand’ and ‘Stilling the Heart’. As a result, new approaches of ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Spontaneity’ have been developed for Western calligraphy. These approaches demonstrate the requirement of the control and integrity of the calligrapher. The research also places emphasis on the development of one’s ‘self-being’ to cultivate the internal and external aspects of calligraphy. This is achieved through the creation of calligraphy pieces as part of this developmental process. Digital media are also explored by using these same principles and approaches. New characteristics and processes such as ‘Layering’, ‘Reusability’ and ‘Simplicity and Complexity’ in print based calligraphy, as well as ‘Dynamism’, ‘Customisability’, ‘Impermanence’ and ‘Interactivity’, in computational calligraphy have emerged as a result.

Item Type: Thesis (Post-Doctoral)
Subjects: Design > Calligraphy
Fine Art > Digital Media
Design > Electronic Media
Design > Typography
Divisions: Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries > School of Art and Design
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Date Deposited: 08 Mar 2012 16:27
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