Clarissa Smith


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Sexuality, Media, Pornography, Young People, Audiences, Censorship

My research has focused on the texts and contexts of sexually explicit media and sexual practices. I am a founding member of the Onscenity Network – an international network responding to public concerns about the visibility of sex in commerce, culture and everyday life. I am particularly interested in the deployment of normative accounts of ‘healthy sexual development’ in campaigns to limit access to pornography (and more mainstream media) and, in particular, current anxieties about 'addictions to pornography' and an attendant rise in ‘unnatural’ sexual practices. I am a founding co-editor of the Routledge journal Porn Studies - you can read about it here: My research interests cover: · All aspects of sexuality and sexual reprmore...

2002 University of Sussex, DPhil Culture and Communications 1995 University of the West of England, Bristol, MA Women’s Studies 1985 Bristol Polytechnic, BA (Hons) Humanities

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Latest Additions

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