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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Ratten, Vanessa, Hasan, Rakibul, Kumar, Deepak, Bustard, John, Ojala, Arto and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2024) Learning from artificial intelligence researchers about international business implications. Thunderbird International Business Review, 66 (2). pp. 211-219. ISSN 1096-4762

Subramaniam, Suguneswary, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Mujtaba, Bahaudin (2023) The Mediating Role of Dynamic Capability on the Relationship between E-Leadership Qualities and Innovation Management: Insights from Malaysia’s Medical Device Industry. Sustainability, 15. ISSN 2071-1050

Saeedikiya, Mehrzad, Salamzadeh, Aidin, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Aeeni, Zeynab (2023) Cognitions Affecting Innovation Among Generation Z Entrepreneurs: The External Enablement of Digital Infrastructure. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. ISSN 1355-2554

Alshamisi, Mohammad Khamis, Md Kassim, Normalini and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2023) FACTORS INFLUENCING INTENT TO USE AN EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (EMIS): INSIGHTS FROM PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES OF THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Community Practitioner, 20 (8). pp. 115-133. ISSN 1462 2815

Hanaysha, Jalal Rajeh, Chen, Cheah Lee, Abdul Rahim, Noor Fareen, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Hasouneh, Lana Omar (2023) Determinants of Online Purchase Intention Toward Life Insurance in Malaysia: Moderating Role of Trust. Jindal Journal of Business Research, 12 (2). pp. 233-250. ISSN 2278-6821

Kittipoomwong, Pongsathon and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2023) Business Continuity and Strategic Resilience in High-Context Cultures: A Case if an Asian Insurance. Journal of Entrepreneurship and business resilience, 6 (1). pp. 45-65. ISSN 2956-0721

Javadizadeh, Bahareh, Flinchbaugh, Carol and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2023) Compulsive religious practices in the workplace: through the looking glass and back in search of authenticity among Iranian women. the journal of social psychology, 163 (5). ISSN 1940-1183

Salamzadeh, Yashar, Vardarlier, Pelin and Teoh, Ai Ping (2023) Editorial: Digital leadership: Competencies, business models, systems, strategies and platforms. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. pp. 1-2. ISSN 1664-1078

Saqib, Abdul, Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Kanwal, Narmeen (2022) “On the Work, But Not Working”, A Discussion on Non-Work Related Presenteeism in Organizational Justice Context: The Moderating Role of Equity Sensitivity. International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion. ISSN 1740-8946 (In Press)

Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Richardson, Christopher and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Spurring competitiveness, social and economic performance of family-owned SMEs through social entrepreneurship; a multi-analytical SEM & ANN perspective. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 184. pp. 1-13.


Chin, Phaik Nie, Jayapalan, Punitha and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Public Perception and Adaptation Towards Climate Change Policy in Malaysia. JOURNAL OF TOURISM, HOSPITALITY AND ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT, 7 (29). pp. 40-51.

Adiguzel, Zafer, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Sonmez-Cakir, Fatma (2022) Examining The Effects of Authentic Leadership on Information, Identity, Commitment and Job Performance. Sosyoekonomi, 30 (53). pp. 173-194. ISSN 1305-5577

Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Salamzadeh, Yashar, Abbasi, Munir A., Amin, Ali and Sahar, Noor E. (2022) Strategic Orientation and Sustainable Competitive Performance of Family Firms: Evidence of an Emerging Economy. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 32 (2). pp. 67-82. ISSN 2380-1751

Salamzadeh, Aidin, Markovic Radovic, Mirjana and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) THE ECONOMIC RESILIENCE-ENTREPRENEURSHIP NEXUS. Journal of Entrepreneurship and business resilience, 5 (1). pp. 7-12. ISSN 2620-0414 (Printed)

Salamzadeh, Yashar, Sangosanya, Taofeek Adeyemi, Salamzadeh, Aidin and Braga, Vitor (2022) Entrepreneurial universities and social capital: The moderating role of entrepreneurial intention in the Malaysian context☆. The International Journal of Management Education, 20 (1).

Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Mehmood, Arshad, Ahmed, Mohammed, Mustafa, Makwan Jamil, Alshamisi, Mohammad Khamis, Iqbal, Qaisar and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Impact of network structure on sustainable competitive performance among Pakistani small and medium enterprises: does government financial support matter? Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research.

Jagadisen, Mira Sharvina A/P, Salamzadeh, Yashar, Sharafi Farzad, Fatemeh, Salamzadeh, Aidin and Palalic, Ramo (2022) Digital leadership and organizational capabilities in manufacturing industry: A study in Malaysian context. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 10 (1). pp. 195-211. ISSN 2303-4521

Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Salamzadeh, Yashar, Iqbal, Qaisar and Yang, Shaohua (2020) The Impact of Customer Relationship Management and Company Reputation on Customer Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction. Journal of Relationship Marketing, 21 (1). pp. 1-26.

Book Section

Salamzadeh, Yashar, Damij, Nadja, Isa, Salmi Mohd and Khan, Rizwan Ullah (2024) Digital Readiness. In: International Encyclopedia of Business Management. Elsevier. (In Press)

Salamzadeh, Yashar and Dilaver, Ozge (2024) Digital Business. In: The International Encyclopedia of Business Management. Elsevier (Science Direct), p. 211. (In Press)

Salamzadeh, Yashar and Gunton, Lesley-Ann (2024) Digital Leadership. In: The International Encyclopedia of Business Management. Elsevier (Science Direct), p. 211. (In Press)

Salamzadeh, Yashar (2024) Digital Leadership Competencies. In: The International Encyclopedia of Business Management. Elsevier (Science Direct). (In Press)

Ashvini, Geetha, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Abdul Rahim, Noor Fareen (2023) Which E-Leadership Skills Are Needed to Deploy Digital Strategies? A Study on Multinational Companies in Northern Malaysia. In: Multidimensional and Strategic Outlook in Digital Business Transformation. Springer, pp. 217-230. ISBN 978-3-031-23431-6

Salamzadeh, Yashar, Seah, Li Lih and Ai Ping, Teoh (2023) Do E-Competences Lead to Digital Transformation? Mediating Role of Digital Leadership: A Study in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry. In: Strengthening Sustainable Digitalization of Asian Economy and Society. IGI Global, p. 211. ISBN 9798369319420

Tang, Adrian Shiew Ming, Teoh, Ai Ping and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2023) Employability Skills and Pre-Professional Identity in the Era of IR4.0: A Malaysian Perspective. In: Handbook of Research on Education Institutions, Skills, and Jobs in the Digital Era. IGI Global, pp. 117-129. ISBN 978-967-11157-9-4

Abdul Rahim, Noor Fareen, Sarkawi, Mohd. Nizam, Jaaffar, Abdul Rahman, Shamsuddin, Jauriyah, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Mohamed Abdelhay, Sameh (2022) Future of Jobs in IR4.0 Era: The Essential Technologies and Skills of the Future Jobs. In: Handbook of Research on Building Greener Economics and Adopting Digital Tools in the Era of Climate Change. IGI Global, pp. 306-323. ISBN 9781668446102

Salamzadeh, Aidin and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Chapter 6: The Context for Business in Azerbaijan. In: Understanding Contexts of Business in Western Asia: Land of Bazaars and High-Tech Booms. New Teaching Resources for Management in a Globalised World . World Scientific, pp. 117-139. ISBN 978-981-122-969-5

Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) EMERGING TRENDS OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES IN DIGITAL ERA. In: Digital Transformation: A Human-Centric Approach. Efe Akademi Yayınları, Turkey, pp. 59-68. ISBN 978-625-8065-97-8

maruthuvellu, Sree Gayithri, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Richardson, Christopher (2022) Digital Leadership Competencies in the Malaysian Context: A Study in Manager Levels. In: Handbook of Research on Developing Circular, Digital, and Green Economies in Asia. IGI Global, pp. 13-41.

Salamzadeh, Aidin, Tajpour, Mehdi, Hosseini, Elahe and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Geotourism and Destination Brand Selection: Does Social Media Matter? In: Economics and Management of Geotourism. Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management. Springer, Switzerland, pp. 105-124.

Conference or Workshop Item

Salamzadeh, Yashar and Adekunle, Oludayo (2024) Why Don’t Digital Businesses Enter Fintech Industry? A Study on Root Causes of Fintech Avoidance. In: British Academy of Management Conference 2024, 02-06 September 2024, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK. (Submitted)

Adesola, Eunice, Salamzadeh, Yashar and Ramkissoon, Haywantee (2024) Investigating And Ranking the Main Barriers and Enablers of Digital Leadership in The Manufacturing Industry of UK: A Case Study. In: European Academy of Management, 25-28 Jun 2024, University of Bath, Bath, UK. (Submitted)

Salamzadeh, Yashar and Okpanum, Ijeoma (2023) Black Female Entrepreneurs’ Digital Readiness: The Way Forward. In: British Academy of Management annual conference 2023, 01 & 05-06 Sep 2023, University of Sussex, Brighton. (Submitted)

Mehrabi, Hanan and Salamzadeh, Yashar (2023) Critical Success Factors of Global Virtual Teams (GVTs): A Review of Information Technology (IT) Industry in the United Kingdom. In: British Academy of Management Conference 2023, September 2023, University of Sussex Business School, Brighton. (Submitted)

Salamzadeh, Yashar, Opaleye, Anuoluwapo Oluwafunmilayo, Amaich, Souhaila, Aruya, Osemobor Tolulope and Brownell, Haarrie (2022) Escape Room: A Successful Digital Experience on Making Multiple-Choice Questions More Engaging in Classroom. In: The Second Digital Learning and Teaching Conference,, June 2022, University of Sunderland, UK.


Salamzadeh, Yashar (2022) Digital Transformation: A Human-Centric Approach. Efe Akademi Yayınları, Turkey. ISBN 9786258065985

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