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Ames, Craig (2009) Demobbed 2009. [Show/Exhibition]

Ames, Craig (2009) Inkubator II: Bunker. [Show/Exhibition]

Ames, Craig (2009) Research 09. [Show/Exhibition]


Broeg, Ralf (2009) 43rd Art Cologne. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Editions/Artists' Book Fair (EAB). [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Fuzzy Logics. [Artefact]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2009. [Show/Exhibition]

Broeg, Ralf (2009) Records REF. [Artefact]


Clayton, Ewan (2009) Art and Memory: new perspectives on memorial art. The Memorial Arts Charity, Snape, Suffolk. ISBN 978-0-9515711-5-6

Clayton, Ewan (2009) Hans-Joachim Burgert. The Scribe (87). pp. 24-28.

Crisell, Andrew (2009) Radio. Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies . Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-44864-2


Ewins, Neil (2009) The Impact of Far Eastern Manufacturing on UK ceramic design: its industry and ceramic consumption (c1990-2010). In: Parallels and Connections: A Ceramics and Glass Research Student Conference, National Glass Centre, Sunderland.


Goetz, Lothar (2009) Canon. [Artefact]

Goetz, Lothar (2009) Driven by Emotion. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar (2009) L.G.S.N.H.C.M.E.S.M.K.T. Group Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Goetz, Lothar and O'neil, Paul (2009) Coalesce: Happenstance. [Show/Exhibition]

Graham, Beryl and Cook, Sarah (2009) New Media and Digital Art Overview. China-UK: Connections Through Culture. Arts Overview. British Council.

Green, John Paul (2009) The Regeneration Game: The Changing Faces of Heroism in Doctor Who. In: Whoniversal Appeal: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference on Doctor Who and All its Spin-Offs, 14-16 Nov 2008, Cardiff University. (Unpublished)

Green, John Paul (2009) The "Relative" Dimensions: Representing the Family Within and Without Doctor Who. In: Postgraduate research conference, 27 Mar 2009, University of Sunderland, UK. (Unpublished)

Green, John-Paul (2009) Contributor to BBC Inside Out - Payroll (1961) feature film. British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC One.

Green, John-Paul (2009) Payroll - Revisiting a British Classic. In: Tyneside Cinema Public Screening of Payroll (1961), 12 Mar 2009, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle.


Hutchinson, James (2009) Gun. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Intersculpt 2009 From the Earth to the stars: the Darwinautes' travels. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Open source Embroidery. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Platform 00000009. [Performance]

Hutchinson, James (2009) Shaggy modernism. [Show/Exhibition]

Hutchinson, James (2009) ghost trace stellar. [Performance]

Hutchinson, James (2009) media exchange commission. Pending Details, TBA.


Jewitt, Robert (2009) Book Review of Wired Shut: Copyright and the Shape of Digital Culture. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 15. pp. 251-252.

Jewitt, Robert (2009) Panic in the streets of Mumbai: Twitter, mobile phones and participatory action. In: Research Event.

Jewitt, Robert (2009) The trouble with twittering: integrating social media into mainstream news. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 5 (3). pp. 231-238.


Ling, Manny and Clayton, Ewan (2009) "Lines of Continuity" Writing 2009 International Calligraphy Symposium. The University of Sunderland, The University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) 12th Westerwaldpreis Keramik Museum, Germany. [Show/Exhibition]

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) 5th World Ceramic Biennale, Korea. [Show/Exhibition]

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) Ceramic Practice and the Digital Interface: Video and ceramic - a discipline activated reading, International Conference, Sydney. In: Australian Ceramics Triennale, International Conference, Sydney, National Art School, Sydney, Australia.

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) Creamer Divided. [Artefact]

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) ‘Decentred meaning: ceramic materiality – relocating process and technique’. In: Proceedings of the Crafticulation & Education Conference. Nordfo, Helsinki University Press, Helsinki, pp. 101-112. ISBN 978-952-10-5578-2.

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) Disruption Rose Tinted II. [Show/Exhibition]

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) Distorting the ceramic familiar: materiality and non-ceramic intervention, Conference, Keramik Museum, Germany. In: Ceramic Conference, Keramik Museum Westerwald, Germany.

Livingstone, Andrew (2009) 'Future-Forward' British Ceramics Biennial - Conference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lockwood, Alex (2009) Preparations for a Post-Kyoto Media Coverage of UK Climate Policy. In: Climate Change and the Media. Global Crises and the Media (Vol 5). Peter Lang, New York, pp. 186-199. ISBN 978-1-4331-0460-2

Lockwood, Alex (2009) Preparations for a post-Kyoto press coverage of climate change policy. In: Presented to MeCCSA annual conference, 16th January 2009, University of Bradford..

Lockwood, Alex (2009) The Shore is not a Beach. In: Presented to the Land and Identity Symposium, Derby University, 16th May 2009.


Moores, Shaun (2009) '"The Box on the Dresser": Memories of Early Radio and Everyday Life'. In: Radio. Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies . Routledge, London, pp. 13-30. ISBN 978-0-415-44864-2

Moores, Shaun (2009) 'Espaco Migracao, Comunicacao'. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics.

Moores, Shaun (2009) Knowing How to Get Around: Place, Migration and Communication. The Communication Review, 12 (4). pp. 313-326. ISSN 1071-4421

Moores, Shaun (2009) 'Place, Migration, Communication'. In: 'Place, Migration, Communication'.

Moores, Shaun (2009) 'That Familiarity with the World Born of Habit'. In: Transforming Audiences 2, 3 – 4 September 2009, University of Westminster.

Moores, Shaun and Atkinson, Karen (2009) '"We All Have Bad Bad Days": Attending to Face in Broadcast Troubles-Talk'. In: Radio - Vol 1: Radio Theory and Genres. Routledge, London, pp. 81-102. ISBN 978-0-415-44864-2

Moschovi, Alexandra (2009) "I Apli ke Anotheftos Fotografia" (The pure and unadulterated photography". In: Fotografikon Praktorion "D.A. Harissiadis" (Photographic Agency D.A. Harissiadis). Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, pp. 23-34. ISBN 978-960-476-023-7

Moschovi, Alexandra (2009) Realities and Plausibilities: Re-enacting Realism in Contemporary Photographic Art, curator Alexandra Moschovi. [Show/Exhibition]

Moschovi, Alexandra and Galani, Areti (2009) “A Democracy of Images? The Accommodation/Assimilation of Amateur Imagery in the Museum”. In: Private Eyes - Amateur Photography and Collective History, 12-13 November 2009, University of Copenhagen. (Unpublished)


Nash, Geoffrey (2009) Comte de Gobineau and Orientalism: Selected Eastern Writings. Culture and Civilization in the Middle East . Routledge, London. ISBN 978-0-415-44019-6

Nash, Geoffrey (2009) From Harem to Harvard: Cross-Cultural Memoir in Leila Ahmed's A Border Passage. In: Arab Voices in Diaspora: Critical Perspectives on Anglophone Arab Literature. Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 351-370. ISBN 978-90-420-2718-3

Nash, Geoffrey (2009) Travellers to the Middle East from Burckhardt to Thesiger: An Anthology. Anthem, London. ISBN 13 978 1 84331 792 0


Pearce, Michael (2009) A Perceptual Dialect Map of North East England. Journal of English Linguistics, 37 (2). pp. 162-192. ISSN 0075-4242

Price, John (2009) Beyond the Eurosceptic/Europhile Divide: Towards a New Classification of EU News Coverage in the UK Press. Journal of Contemporary European Research, 5 (3). pp. 356-370. ISSN 1815-347X


Ryley, Marjolaine (2009) Photo 50 - 2009. [Show/Exhibition]

Ryley, Marjolaine (2009) Residence Astral. [Show/Exhibition]


Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2009) Ossify (Sunderland Museum Commission). [Show/Exhibition]

Sarmiento, Jeffrey (2009) Thick with Images. In: BeCon 2009, Jun 2009, Portland State University campus, Bullseye Glass Factory, Bullseye Gallery, Bullseye Resource Center, and various local kiln-glass studios.

Smith, Angela (2009) Big Sister tv? Bullying, banter and humiliation in makeover tv. In: Ross Priory Broadcast Talk seminar: Belligerence in Broadcast Talk, 13-16 Sep 2009, Ross Priory, Strathclyde University, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Smith, Angela (2009) Tabloid television. In: Encyclopedia of journalism. SAGE Publications, London, pp. 1365-1368.

Smith, Angela (2009) ‘When the knives are out’: Gordon Ramsay as a case study of belligerent broadcasting. In: English research seminar, March 2009, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Smith, Angela and Higgins, Michael (2009) Belligerent Broadcasting and Business on Television. In: 59th International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, 21-25 May 2009, Chicago, Illinois, USA. (Unpublished)

Smith, Clarissa (2009) British Sexual Cultures. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Do Porn Stars Act? In: Talking Dirty: Sex and the Cinema, 13 - 14 Nov 2009, University of Leeds.

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Five Dominatrices and a Thrashing: the Classifications of Sadomasochism. In: Good Sex Bad Sex; sex law crime and ethics conference, 4 - 6 May 2009, Budapest, Hungary.

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Pleasing Intensities: Masochism and Affective Pleasures in Porn Short Fictions. In: Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualisation of Western Culture. I.B. Tauris, London. ISBN 9781845118273

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Pleasure and distance: Exploring sexual cultures in the classroom. Sexualities, 12 (5). pp. 568-585. ISSN 1363-4607

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Pleasure and distance: exploring sexual cultures in the classroom. Sexualities, 12 (5). pp. 568-585. ISSN 1363-4607

Smith, Clarissa (2009) Review of Earle and Sharp, Sex in Cyberspace: Men Who Pay for Sex. Feminist Media Studies. ISSN 1468-0777

Starkey, Guy and Crisell, Andrew (2009) Hear today and on tomorrow: The future of news and “news talk” in an era of digital radio. In: Companion to News and Journalism. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-46529-8


Watkinson, Cate (2009) Artomatic Washington DC. [Show/Exhibition]

Watkinson, Cate (2009) Lady Chapel Windows, St Mary’s Parish Church, Whickham, Gateshead. [Artefact]

Watkinson, Cate and Cutler, Vanessa (2009) Public Seating, Baltic Butterfly Business Quarter Gateshead. [Artefact]

Winter, T and Keegan-Phipps, S (2009) English Folk Music as World Music. In: International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference, 13-17 Jul 2009, University of Liverpool.

Wolland, Peter (2009) Energy was in the Air. [Show/Exhibition]

Woodhouse, Joe (2009) Crystal Cathedrals. Pending Details, TBA.


Younger, Alison (2009) "Dressing Up in Ascendancy Robes: The Big House in Brian Friel's Aristocrats". In: No Country for Old Men: New Perspectives on Irish Literature. Reimagining Ireland (4). Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, pp. 247-264. ISBN 978-3-03911-841-0

Younger, Alison and Herron, Tom (2009) "Roots and Routes: Home and Away in Friel and Heaney". In: Cultural Perspectives on Globalisation and Ireland. Reimagining Ireland (5). Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, pp. 149-176. ISBN 978-3-03911-851-9

Yuill, Kevin (2009) Another Take on the Nixon Presidency: Richard Nixon, Drugs, Affirmative Action and the Silent Majority,. Journal of Policy History (Spring 2009).

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