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Bell, Emma, Premkumar, Rakesh, Carr-Wilkinson, Jane, Lu, Xiahong, Lovat, Penny E., Kees, Ursula R., Lunec, John and Tweddle, Deborah A. (2006) The role of MYCN in the failure of MYCN amplified neuroblastoma cell lines to G1 arrest after DNA damage. Cell Cycle, 5 (22). pp. 2639-2647.


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Dodou, Kalliopi, Ord, Michael and Ho, Kwong Yat (2006) Effect of solid dispersions and physical mixtures of ibuprofen with Pluronic F-127 and PEG 1000 on the in vitro drug release from ibuprofen-adhesive layers. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 58. ISSN 00316873

Dodou, Kalliopi and Wong, Jovi (2006) Evaluation of the effect of ibuprofen crystallisation on its release from silicone and acrylic ibuprofen-adhesive layers. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 58 (Supp.1). p. 18. ISSN 00316873


Edwards, M, Williams, Gray A and Davies, Mark (2006) Movement patterns of the limpet Cellana grata (Gould) observed over a continuous period through a changing tidal regime. Marine Biology, 149 (4). pp. 775-787. ISSN 00253162

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Ennaceur, Abdelkader, Michalikova, Simona, van Rensburg, Ruan and Chazot, P L (2006) Models of Anxiety: Responses of Mice to Novelty and Open Spaces in a 3D Maze. Behavioural Brain Research, 174 (1). pp. 9-38. ISSN 01664328


Hall, Nicola, Rubin, Greg, Hungin, A P S and Dougall, A (2006) Medication beliefs in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In: NoRen Annual Presentation, 2006, Durham.

Hardcastle, IR, Ahmed, Shafiq, Atkins, H, Farnie, G, Golding, BT, Griffin, RJ, Guyenne, S, Hutton, C, Kallblad, P, Kemp, SJ, Kitching, MS, Newell, DR, Norbedo, S, Northen, JS, Reid, RJ, Saravanan, K, Willems, HM and Lunec, J (2006) Small-molecule inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction based on an isoindolinone scaffold. J Med Chem, 49 (21). pp. 6209-6221.

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Worsley, Alan and Husband, Andy (2006) An audit of local corticosteroid injections in the treatment of rheumatological disorders. Supplement 2. pp. 108-109. ISSN 09617671

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