Janet Ward

Reader in Marketing, Strategy & Innovation

Business,Law& Tourism(F) - Sunderland Business School

University of Sunderland

Digital marketing including social media, Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) – The consumer journey -consumer behaviour, Service experience – co-creation/destruction of value -experiential marketing, Methodology, Marketing Pedagogy

Janet's current research focus is understanding the changes to Marketing theory that the rapidly developing digital economy has created. This crosses both business and consumer markets. Working with Nigel Coates, Northumbria University she has developed a new methodology, Netrospection which links the online and offline consumer. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at Hanken School of Economics where she is working with Dr. Johanna Gummerus. Recent projects include a British Academy/Leverhulme Research Award (2013-15, A Knowledge Transfer Project ( KTP (£98,000)with Karen Wharton and Visaal Hussain, An Academy of Marketing ( AM) Teaching & Learning Grant (2015) with Yvonne Dixon-Todd & Nigel Coates and an AM Teaching & Learning Grant 2017 with Michael Harker, & Ross Brennan

MA (Northumbria), MSc (Cardiff), PhD (Bristol), DipM, Certificate in Academic Practice (Newcastle)

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Latest Additions

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  2. Dixon-Todd, Yvonne, Ward, Janet and Coates, Nigel (2017) Is Student Engagement the Magic wand for a Transformative Marketing Curriculum. UNSPECIFIED.
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