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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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A. Ochang, Paschal, Irving, Philip and O. Ofem, Paulinus (2016) Research on Wireless Network Security Awareness of Average Users. International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies, 6 (2). pp. 21-29. ISSN 2076-1449

Alden, Kieran, Timmis, Jonathan, Andrews, Paul. S, Veiga-Fernandes, Henrique and Coles, Mark C. (2016) Extending and Applying Spartan to Perform Temporal Sensitivity Analyses for Predicting Changes in Influential Biological Pathways in Computational Models. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 14 (2). pp. 431-442. ISSN 1545-5963

Ashwell, Simon and McGarry, Kenneth (2016) A regional root cause analysis of major diabetes-related lower limb amputations in the North East of England. In: 16th Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference., 18-20 May 2016, Malvern Theatres, Malvern, Worcestershire. (Unpublished)


Baglee, David, Jantunen, Erkki and Sharma, Pankaj (2016) Identifying Organisational Requirements for the Implementation of an Advanced Maintenance Strategy in Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). In: InCoME 2016, 30-31 Aug 2016, University of Manchester.

Bugliesi, Michele, Calzavara, Stefano, Mödersheim, Sebastian and Modesti, Paolo (2016) Security Protocol Specification and Verification with AnBx. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 30. pp. 46-63. ISSN 2214-2126


Campos, Jamie, Jantunen, Erkki, Baglee, David, Gilabert, Eduardo, Fumagali, Luca and Emmanouilidis, Christos (2016) The Use of Mobile Technologies and Their Economic Benefits in Maintenance. In: Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2015). Springer International Publishing, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 69-71. ISBN 978-3-319-27062-3

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Cockton, Gilbert (2016) Social media resources for participative design research. In: PDC '16: Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Interactive Exhibitions, Workshops. ACM, 49 -52. ISBN 9781450341363

Cockton, Gilbert, Lárusdóttir, Marta, Gregory, Peggy and Cajander, Åsa (2016) Integrating User-Centered Design in Agile Development. Human–Computer Interaction Series . Springer International Publishing. ISBN 9783319321639


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Dawson, Peter, Jobson, Jill, Carter, Noel, Treumann, A., McGarry, Kenneth and Anderson, Rosaleen (2016) Investigating the protein differences between cystinotic and non-cystinotic cells. In: International Cystinosis Conference, 30 June - 3 July 2016, Valencia, Spain. (Submitted)

Drange, T., Irons, Alastair, Sutherland, I. and Nor, G. (2016) Blogs vs WIKI as a reflection tool in Moodle: A Case Study. In: WEI International Academic Conference on Education and Humanities, 30-31 May 2016, Prague.


Elmarakbi, Ahmed (2016) Innovative Graphene-based Polymer Composites for Automotive Applications. In: Annual Automotive Interior Design Summit, 14 Mar 2016, Stuttgart, Germany. (Unpublished)


Graham, Yitka, Mansour, D., Small, P.K., Hinshaw, Kim, Gatiss, S., Mahawar, K.K., McGarry, Kenneth and Wilkes, Scott (2016) Comparing knowledge and provision of contraceptive care by bariatric surgical and sexual and reproductive healthcare practitioners. In: British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society 7th Annual Scientific Meeting, 27-29 Jan, Cardiff, UK. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka, Mansour, D., Small, P.K., Hinshaw, Kim, Gatiss, S., Mahawar, K.K., McGarry, Kenneth and Wilkes, Scott (2016) A survey of bariatric surgical and reproductive health professionals' knowledge and provision of contraception to reproductive-aged bariatric surgical patients. Obesity Surgery, 26 (8). pp. 1918-1923. ISSN 0960-8923


Hastie, Helen, Lim, Mei Yii, Janarthanam, Srini, Deshmukh, Amol, Aylett, Ruth, Foster, Mary Ellen and Hall, Lynne (2016) I Remember You! Interaction with Memory for an Empathic Virtual Robotic Tutor. In: AAMAS 2016, 9-13 May 2016, Singapore.

Horridge, K, Harvey, C, McGarry, Kenneth, Williams, J, Whitlingum, G, Busk, M, Fox, S and Rahman, F (2016) A proposed disability complexity scale to describe the multi-facted needs of disabled children and young people. In: International Conference on Cerebal Palsy and other childhood-onset disabilities, 1 - 4 Jun 2016, Stockholm, Sweden.

Horridge, Karen, Harvey, Carl, McGarry, Kenneth, Williams, Jane, Whittlingum, Gabriel, Busk, Mary, Fox, Suzanne, Baird, Gillian and Spencer, Andy (2016) Quantifying multi-facted needs in a district disability clinic population: analysis of data captured at point of care and development of a disabilities terminology set and disabilities complexity scale. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 58 (6). pp. 570-580. ISSN 1469-8749

Horridge, Karen, McGarry, Kenneth, Williams, Jane and Whittlingum, Gabriel (2016) Prospective pilots of routine data captures by paediatricians in clinics and validation of the disability complexity scale. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 58 (6). pp. 12-19. ISSN 1469-8749

Horsman, Graeme (2016) Digital forensics: Understanding the development of criminal law in England and Wales on images depicting child sexual abuse. Computer Law & Security Review. ISSN 0267-3649

Humphries, Lynne (2016) Let's play together: The design and evaluation of a collaborative, pro-social game for preschool children. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning (IJCEELL), 26 (2). ISSN 1560-4624


Ihemegbulem, Ibifuro and Baglee, David (2016) Assessing the Effectiveness of ISO 55000 Standard in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises. In: 1st Africa Maintenance & Reliability Conference (AMRC 16), 28-29 Nov 2016, Lagos, Nigeria. (Unpublished)

Irons, Alastair (2016) Impact of Edward Snowden on National Security Policy. In: University of Cape Town Research Seminar Series, May 2016, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Irons, Alastair (2016) Ways in which Universities can work with UTCs to ensure smooth student transition. In: Digital Leaders North East Salon, May 2016, Newcastle. (Unpublished)

Irons, Alastair and Ophoff, Jacques (2016) Aspects of Digital Forensics in South Africa. Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, 11. pp. 273-283. ISSN 1555-1229

Irons, Alastair, Savage, N., Maple, C. and Davies, A. (2016) Embedding Cybersecurity in the Computer Science Curriculum. IT Now, 2016 (1). pp. 56-57.

Irons, Alastair and Thomas, Paula (2016) Problem based learning in digital forensics. Higher Education Pedagogies, 1 (1). pp. 95-105. ISSN 2375-2696

Irving, Philip and Ochang, Pascal A (2016) Evolutionary Analysis of GSM, UMTS and LTE Mobile Network Architectures. World Scientific News, 54. pp. 27-39. ISSN 2392-2192


Jarroll, E.L. and Paget, Timothy (2016) Giardia intestinalis Biochemistry and regulation: an evolutionary tale. In: A Century of Parasitology: Discoveries, Ideas and lessons learned by Scientists who published in the Journal of Parasitology. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester, UK., pp. 177-188. ISBN 978-1-118-88476-8

Jiang, Ming, Kirkham, T. and Sheridan, C. (2016) An Evolutionary Cultural Algorithm based Risk-aware Virtual Machine Scheduling Optimisation in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) CLoud. In: 6th International Conference of Cloud Computing and Services Sciences, 23-25 Apr 2016, Rome, Italy. (Unpublished)


Kendal, Simon (2016) Selected Computing Research Papers Volume 5 June 2016. Selected Computing Research Papers . University of Sunderland, Sunderland.

Khan, Nabeel, Naqvi, Atta, Ahmad, Rizwan, Ahmed, Farrukh, McGarry, Kenneth, Fazlani, Raafia and Ahsan, M (2016) Perceptions and Attitudes of Medical Sales Representatives (MSRs) and Prescribers Regarding Pharmaceutical Sales Promotion and Prescribing Practices in Pakistan. Journal of Young Pharmacists, 8 (3). pp. 244-250. ISSN 0975-1483

Kinnunen, Sini-Kaisu, Marttonen-Arola, Salla, Yla-Kujala, Antti, Karri, Timo, Ahonen, Toni, Valkokari, Pasi and Baglee, David (2016) Decision Making Situations Define Data Requirements in Fleet Asset Management. In: Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2015). Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 73-76. ISBN 978331927063

Kinnunen, Sini-Kaisu, Yla-Kujala, Antti, Marttonen-Arola, Salla, Karri, Timo and Baglee, David (2016) Internet of Things Technologies to Rationalize the Data Acquisition in Industrial Asset Management. In: The 12th International Conference on Data Mining, 25-28 Jul 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


MacFarlane, Kate (2016) An Intelligent Multi-Agent System Approach to Automating Safety Features for On-Line Real Time Communications: Agent Mediated Information Exchange. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

McGarry, Kenneth, Emery, Kirsty, Varnakulasingam, Vithusa, McDonald, Sharon and Ashton, Mark (2016) Complex network based computational techniques for edgetic modelling of mutations implicated with human diseases. In: 16th UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, UKCI-2016, 7-9 Sep 2016, Lancaster University.

McGarry, Kenneth, Rashid, Anaum and Smith, Hannah (2016) Computational Methods for Drug Re-positioning. Drug Target Review, 3. pp. 31-33. ISSN 2059-1349

Mo, Ronald, Choi, Ga, Lee, Chung and Horner, Andrew (2016) The Effects of MP3 Compression on Perceived Emotional Characteristics in Musical Instruments. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 64 (11). pp. 858-867. ISSN 15494950

Mo, Ronald, Choi, Ga Lam, Lee, Chung and Horner, Andrew (2016) The Effects of MP3 Compression on Emotional Characteristics. In: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 12, 2016 - Sep 16, 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mo, Ronald, So, Richard and Horner, Andrew (2016) An Investigation into How Reverberation Effects the Space of Instrument Emotional Characteristics. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 64 (12). pp. 988-1002. ISSN 15494950

Mo, Ronald, Wu, Bin and Horner, Andrew (2016) The Effects of Reverberation Time and Amount on the Emotional Characteristics. In: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 12, 2016 - Sep 16, 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Modesti, Paolo (2016) AnBx: Automatic Generation and Verification of Security Protocols Implementations. In: 8th International Symposium, FPS 2015, 26-28 Oct 2015, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Modesti, Paolo (2016) Security Programming with High-Level Abstractions: a Tutorial (Extended Abstract). In: HEA National Conference on Learning and Teaching in Cybersecurity, 15 Jun 2016, Maple House, Birmingham. (Unpublished)


Rujirapapipat, Suthinan, McGarry, Kenneth and Nelson, David (2016) Bioinformatic analysis using complex networks and clustering proteins involved with Alzheimer's disease. In: 16th UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, UKCI-2016, 7-9 Sep 2016, Lancaster University.


Saleh, Ashraf, Chaw, Cheng, McGarry, Kenneth and Elkordy, Amal (2016) Self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) to improve dissolution of bendroflumethiazide. In: The 7th APS International PharmSci 2016; Pharmaceutical Sciences: Improving World Health, 5 – 7 Sep 2016, Technology and Innovation Centre, Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. (Unpublished)

Sharsheer, Mohammad, Barakat, Basel and Arshad, Kamran (2016) Coverage and capacity Self-Optimisation in LTE-Advanced using Active Antenna Systems. In: 2016 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshops (WCNCW).

Steadman, Sarah, Ahmed, Imran, McGarry, Kenneth and Rasia, S (2016) Is screening for urine infection in well infants with prolonged jaundice required? Local review and meta-analysis of existing data. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 101. ISSN 1468 2044


Timmis, Jonathan, Alden, K, Andrews, P, Clark, E, Nellis, A, Naylor, B, Coles, M and Kaye, P (2016) Building confidence in quantitative systems pharmacology models: An engineer's guide to exploring the rationale in model design and development. CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology. ISSN 2163-8306


Xie, C, Elmarakbi, Ahmed, Yongkuo, L and Jizhou, Z (2016) A Dynamic Ordered Concept Lattice Based Algorithm for Early Diagnosis of NPP Faults. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 92. pp. 22-28. ISSN 0149-1970

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