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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Addison, Dale and Macintyre, John (2001) Smart Analytical Techniques in Plant Life Assessment. In: PLAN Network Assessment Conference, 1-2 Oct 2001, Santander, Spain. (Unpublished)

Addison, Dale, Macintyre, John and Wermter, Stefan (2001) The Advantages of Radial Basis Function Networks for Modelling Non-Linear Feature Spaces. In: AIA-2001 Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 4-7 Sep 2001, Marbella, Spain. (Unpublished)

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Atkinson, Stephanie (2001) An exploration of cognitive style and computer aided learning from the perspective of the user and designer of such materials. In: BERA Conference, 15 Sep 2001, University of Leeds, UK.


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