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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Abdel Rahim, S., Elkordy, Amal and Carter, Paul (2014) Effect of different gas forming agents on characteristics of floating tablets. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Abdel Rahim, S., Elkordy, Amal and Carter, Paul (2014) Preparation of hydroxyethyl cellulose floating tablets of pentoxifylline as a model drug. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Alam, M-I., Elkordy, Amal and Paget, Timothy (2014) Enhanced dissolution profile of poorly water soluble furazolidone by different methods. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Anderson, Rosaleen (2014) Prodrugs and Proteins. In: International Cystinosis Congress 2014, 24 - 27 July 2014, Manchester, UK.

Armstrong, Jane (2014) Cannabinoids hijack the autophagy pathway to promote melanoma cell death. In: The British Society for Investigative Dermatology, Annual Meeting 2014, 7 - 9 Apr 2014, Newcastle University Campus, Newcastle Upon Tyne. (Submitted)


Baillie, L W and Cooper, Callum (2014) Agents of terror. Jane's Intelligence Review. p. 211. ISSN 2048-349X

Beard, R, Karimova, G and Smith, Peter (2014) Linking integrated electronic prescribing and robotic dispensing: identifying benefits at ward level. European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy: Science and Practice. ISSN 2047-9956

Bingle, Lewis, Constantinidou, Chrystala, Shaw, Robert K., Islam, Shahidul, Patel, Mala, Snyder, Lori A. S., Lee, David J., Penn, Charles W., Busby, Stephen J. W. and Pallen, Mark J, (2014) Microarray analysis of the Ler regulon in enteropathogenic and enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli strains. PLOS One, 9 (1). e80160. ISSN 1932-6203


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Carruthers, R, Ahmed, Shafiq, Strathdee, Karen, Gomez-Roman, N, Amoah-Buahin, E, Watts, C and Chalmers, A (2014) Abrogation of radioresistance in in glioblastoma stem-like cells by inhibition of ATM kinase. Molecular Oncology, 9 (1). pp. 192-203. ISSN 1878-0261

Chaw, Cheng Lee, Niblock, P, Adamson, D J and Chaw, Cheng (2014) The role of palliative radiotherapy for haemostasis in unresectable gastric cancer: a single-institution experience. Ecancermedical science, 8 (384). ISSN 1754-6605

Chenevas-Paule, Clemence, Ashton, Mark, Wolff, Hans Michael and Dodou, Kalliopi (2014) Studies on the interaction of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) with ibuprofen, salicylic acid and aspirin. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8-10 Sep 2014, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfied. (Unpublished)

Collins, Michael, Green, Alan, Maguire, Louise, Hardisty, Jessica and Scott, Lesley (2014) 0146 Managing Risk, The Use Of Simulation In Pharmacy Education. In: BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning, Short Communications/Works in Progess, 12th Novermber 2014.

Cooper, Callum, Denyer, S.P. and Maillard, J-Y (2014) Stability and purity of a bacteriophage cocktail preparation for nebulizer delivery. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 58 (2). pp. 118-122. ISSN 0266-8254


Davison, Kathryn and Orlandi, Talitha (2014) The preregistration 26-week appraisal: time to raise your game. Tomorrow's Pharmacist.

Davison, Kathryn and Orlandi, Talitha (2014) The world is your oyster: what are your career options after you register? Tomorrow's Pharmacist.

Davison, Kathryn and Wassef, Christine (2014) What a pharmacist preregistration placement in academia has to offer. Tomorrow's Pharmacist.

Dodou, Kalliopi, Armstrong, Andrew, Kelly, Ivan, Wilkinson, Simon, Carr, Kevin, Shattock, Paul and Whiteley, Paul (2014) Ex vivo studies for the passive transdermal delivery of low dose naltrexone from a cream; detection of naltrexone and its active metabolite, 6β-naltrexol, using a novel LC Q-ToF MS assay. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 20 (6). pp. 694-701. ISSN 1083-7450

Dodou, Kalliopi and Whiteley, Paul (2014) Concerns with using sodium valproate to treat epilepsy in pregnant women. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 292 (7808). pp. 482-483. ISSN 0031-6873

Dodou, Kalliopi and Whiteley, Paul (2014) Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity - a look at the evidence behind the headlines. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 292. pp. 25-26. ISSN 2047-637X

Dodou, Kalliopi and Whiteley, Paul (2014) We are all part virus – the role of human endogenous retroviruses. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 292. pp. 244-245. ISSN 0031-6873


Donovan, Gemma and Paudyal, Vibhu (2014) Perspectives of Healthy Living Pharmacy support staff on integration of public health activities into traditional pharmacy roles: A qualitative study. In: Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference 2014, 7th - 8th September 2014, International COnvention Centre, Birmingham.

Donovan, Gemma and Paudyal, Vibhu (2014) Training needs of support staff to deliver the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) initiative: a qualitative study. In: UKCPA Autumn Symposium 2014, 21 - 22 Nov 2014, Crowne Plaza, Nottingham.


Elkordy, Amal (2014) Formation and Characterisation of Spray Dried Protein Particles containing different Polymers. In: BUCHI Spray Drying & Encapsulation Seminar, 2 Jul 2014, King’s College London, UK.

Elkordy, Amal (2014) Is there a considerable need for biosimilars? In: 2nd Annual Biosimilars & Biobetters Congress, 3 - 4 April 2014, London. (Submitted)

Elkordy, Amal (2014) Liquisolid tablets: from the laboratory to the market. In: Invited Speaker, Research Seminar, 27th November 2014, University of Bradford, Bradford School of Pharmacy, Bradford, UK. (Unpublished)

Ellis, R A, Horswell, S, Ness, T, Lumsdon, J, Tooze, S A, Kirkham, N, Armstrong, Jane and Lovat, P E (2014) Prognostic Impact of p62 Expression in Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 134 (5). pp. 1476-1478. ISSN 0022-202X

Eng, Matthew, Elkordy, Amal, McCarron, Paul and Faheem, Ahmed (2014) Physical Characterisation as an Insight into a Gene Delivery System Containing Cyclodextrins with Pluronic®-F127 and Folic acid as Non-Viral Vectors. Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 15 (8). pp. 712-726. ISSN 1389-2010

Ennaceur, Abdelkader (2014) Tests of unconditioned anxiety — Pitfalls and disappointments. Physiology & Behavior, 135. pp. 55-71. ISSN 0031-9384


Falconer, Jane, Werner, A, Cockell, S, Carlile, Mark, Alnumeir, Sammer and Robinson, JH (2014) Contribution of natural antisense transcription to an endogenous siRNA signature in human cells. BMC Genomics, 15 (19). ISSN 1471-2164

Festuccia, Claudio, Gravina, Giovanni, Mancini, Andrea, Muzi, Paola, Cesare, Ernesto, Kirk, Ralph, Smith, Matthew, Hughes, Shaun, Gibson, Robert, Lian, Lu-Yun, Ricevuto, Enrico and Carnell, Andrew (2014) Trifluoroibuprofen Inhibits alpha-Methylacyl Coenzyme A Racemase (AMACR/P504S), Reduces Cancer Cell Proliferation and Inhibits in vivo Tumor Growth in Aggressive Prostate Cancer Models. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 14 (7). pp. 1031-1041. ISSN 18715206


Groves, E and Chaw, Cheng (2014) Incorporation of calcium salts into xanthan gum matrices: hydration, erosion and drug release characteristics. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 41 (10). pp. 1608-1616. ISSN 0363-9045


Haj-Ahmad, Rita, Chaw, Cheng and Elkordy, Amal (2014) In Vitro Release and stability of Insulin from spanTM 65 Niosomes. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Hardisty, Jessica, Scott, Lesley, Chandler, Sarah, Pearson, Pauline and Powell, Suzanne (2014) Interprofessional learning for medication safety. The Clinical Teacher, 11 (4). pp. 290-296. ISSN 17434971


Jarroll, E.L. and Paget, Timothy (2014) Giardia Metabolism and Regulation. In: American Society of Parasitology meeting, 24 - 28 July 2014, New Orleans, USA.

Javaheri, H., Carter, Paul and Elkordy, Amal (2014) Wet granulation to overcome liquisolid technique issues of poor flowability and compactibility: A study to enhance Glibenclamide dissolution. Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Development, 1 (5). pp. 501-512. ISSN 2348-9782


Lofty, S. and Dodou, Kalliopi (2014) The use of hot stage microscopy for the study of ibuprofen crystallisation in acrylic and silicone adhesives. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Lough, John (2014) Classification of LC chiral stationary phases: Wainer Types I–V revisited. Journal of Chromatography B, 968. pp. 1-7. ISSN 15700232


Mahita, Mwajuma, Abuhamdah, Rushdie, Howes, Melanie-Jayne, Ennaceur, Abdelkader, Abuhamdah, S and Chazot, Paul (2014) Identification of a Novel GABAA Receptor Channel Ligand Derived from Melissa officinalis and Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oils. European Journal of Medicinal Plants, 4 (7). pp. 810-818. ISSN 2231-0894

Markham, Anthony, Bains, R., Franklin, Paul and Spedding, M. (2014) Changes in mitochondrial function are pivotal in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders: How important is BDNF? British Journal of Pharmacology, 171 (8). pp. 2206-2229. ISSN 0007-1188

Matchett, K. B., McFarlane, S., Hamilton, S. E., Elthuhamy, Y. S. A., Davidson, M. A., Murray, J. T., Faheem, Ahmed and El-Tanani, M. (2014) Ran GTPase in Nuclear Envelope Formation and Cancer Metastasis. In: Cancer Biology and the Nuclear Envelope: Recent Advances May Elucidate Past Paradoxes. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (773). Springer, New York, pp. 323-351. ISBN 978-1-4899-8032-8

Matchett, Kyle B., McFarlane, Suzanne, Hamilton, Sophie E., Eltuhamy, Yousef S. A., Davidson, Matthew A., Murray, James T., Faheem, Ahmed and El-Tanani, Mohamed (2014) Ran GTPase in Nuclear Envelope Formation and Cancer Metastasis. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 773. pp. 323-351. ISSN 0065-2598

Mekhail, M. and Dodou, Kalliopi (2014) Effect of temperature, drug concentration & preparation technique on in-vitro drug release from an ibuprofen-in-acrylic adhesive transdermal system. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfied. (Unpublished)

Mownah, O.A., Khurram, M.A., Kanwar, A., Stamp, S., Rees, D., Brassil, J., Majo, J., Dark, J.H., Carter, Noel and Talbot, D (2014) Development of an ex vivo technique to achieve reanimation of hearts sourced from a porcine donation after circulatory death model. Journal of Surgical Research, 189 (2). pp. 326-334. ISSN 0022-4804


Najlah, Mohammad, Parveen, Ishrat, Alhnan, Mohamed Albed, Ahmed, Waqar, Faheem, Ahmed, Phoenix, David A., Taylor, Kevin M.G. and Elhissi, Abdelbary (2014) The effects of suspension particle size on the performance of air-jet, ultrasonic and vibrating-mesh nebulisers. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 461 (1-2). pp. 234-241. ISSN 03785173


Paget, Timothy and Jarroll, E.L. (2014) Metabolomic Analysis of Giardia Intestinalis. In: International Congress of Parasitology Associations (ICOPA), 10 - 15 August 2014, Mexico City, Mexico.


Reddy, Mettu, Carter, Noel, Cunningham, Anne, Shaw, J. and Talbot, D (2014) Portal Venous Oxygen Persufflation of the Donation after Cardiac Death pancreas in a rat model is superior to static cold storage and hypothermic machine perfusion. Transplant International, 27 (6). pp. 634-639. ISSN 1432-2277


Said Suliman, Ammar, Anderson, Rosaleen and Elkordy, Amal (2014) Norfloxacin as a model hydrophobic drug with unique release from liquisolid formulations prepared with PEG200 and Synperonic PE/L-61 non-volatile liquid vehicles. Powder Technology, 257. pp. 156-167. ISSN 0032-5910

Saleh, A., Elkordy, Amal and McGarry, Kenneth (2014) Dissolution Enhancement of Bendroflumethiazide Using Gluconolactone, gamma-cyclodextrin, Trehalose. In: APS PharmSci2014: The Science of Medicines, 8 - 10 Sep 2014, Univerity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. (Unpublished)

Sin, Yee Puah, Hsui, Ni Yap and Chaw, Cheng (2014) Production and characterization of pellets using Avicel CL611 as spheronization aid. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 40 (3). pp. 418-424. ISSN 0363-9045

Steel, DH, Dinah, C, Madi, HA, White, K and Rees, Jon (2014) The staining pattern of brilliant blue G during macular hole surgery: a clinicopathologic study. Investigative Opthalmology and Vision Science, 55 (9). pp. 5924-31. ISSN 1552-5783


Tindle, John, Gray, Mark, Warrender, Robert, Ginty, Kevin and Dawson, Peter (2014) Further Development of an Application Framework for Computational Chemistry (AFCC) Applied to New Drug Discovery. In: Contemporary Advancements in Information Technology Development in Dynamic Environments. IGI Global, USA, pp. 92-210. ISBN 1466662522


Veuger, Stephany and Curtin, N J (2014) Inhibition of DNA Repair as a Therapeutic Target. In: Cancer Drug Design and Discovery. Elsevier, pp. 193-237. ISBN 9780123965219


Wolff, H.M., Irsan, Irsan and Dodou, Kalliopi (2014) Investigations on the viscoelastic performance of pressure sensitive adhesives in drug-in-adhesive type transdermal films. Pharmaceutical Research, 31 (8). pp. 2186-2202. ISSN 0724-8741


Zhang, Weimin, Ning, Fuquiang, Varadi, Linda, Hibbs, David E., Platts, James A., Nyerges, Miklos, Anderson, Rosaleen and Groundwater, Paul (2014) An investigation of the scope of the 1,7-electrocyclization of α,b:γ,δ-conjugated azomethine ylides. Tetrahedron, 70 (22). pp. 3621-3629. ISSN 0040-4020

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