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Sunderland Repository records the research produced by the University of Sunderland including practice-based research and theses.

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Al-Romaimi, Khamis, Baglee, David and Dixon, Derek (2024) Health Index Assessment for Power Transformer Strategic Asset Management in Electrical Utilities. International Journal of Strategic Engineering Asset Management, 4 (1). pp. 81-99. ISSN 1759-9741

Al-Romaimi, Khamis, Baglee, David and Dixon, Derek (2024) Strategic Asset Management Health Index for Predicting Power Transformer Health Conditions. Int. J. of Strategic Engineering Asset Management. ISSN 1759-9741 (In Press)

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Burn, Kevin and Cox, Chris (2018) A hands-on approach to teaching system identification using first order plus dead time (FOPDT) modelling of step response data. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Education. ISSN 0020-7209


Farooq, Umer (2011) Exploration et optimisation des architectures de circuits FPGA hétérogènes à base de structures arborescentes et dédiées aux applications spécifiques. Doctoral thesis, Paris 6.

Farooq, Umer, Ademola, Moses and Shaalan, Abdu (2024) Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models for Predictive Maintenance of Ball Bearing Systems. Electronics, 13 (2). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2079-9292

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