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Abdelkader, D H, El-Gizawy, Sanaa A, Faheem, Ahmed, McCarron, Paul A and Osman, Mohamed A (2018) Effect of process variables on formulation, in-vitro characterisation and subcutaneous delivery of insulin PLGA nanoparticles: An optimisation study. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 43. pp. 160-171. ISSN 17732247

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Bhardwaj-Gosling, Rashmi, Potthoff, S, Hrisos, S, Harding, C, Sniehotta, FS and Presseau, J (2018) Theory-based predictors of patient engagement and communication with healthcare professionals around prompt urinary catheter removal [Conference Abstract]. International Journal of Behaviour Medicine, 25 (1). pp. 150-151. ISSN 1070-5503

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Bradley, Eddie, Board, Lisa, Hogg, Robert and Archer, David (2018) Determining high intensity activity in women’s rugby union: Use of current use of male derived absolute speed thresholds underestimates true levels. Journal of Sports Sciences, 36 (Supp 1). pp. 1-94. ISSN 0264-0414

Bradley, Eddie and Scott, Reece (2018) The role of limb preference during the tackle in women’s rugby union: Effect on success rate, quality and impact level. Journal of Sports Sciences, 36 (Supp 1). pp. 1-94. ISSN 0264-0414

Brierley-Jones, Lyn, Crawley, Rosalind, Jones, Emma, Gordon, Isabel, Knight, Joanne and Hinshaw, Kim (2018) Supporting parents through stillbirth: a qualitative study exploring the views of health professionals and health care staff in three hospitals in England. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 222. pp. 45-51. ISSN 0301 2115

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Emran, Mohammed Y., Mekawy, Moataz, Akhtar, Naeem, Shenashen, Mohamed A., EL-Sewify, Islam M., Faheem, Ahmed and El-Safty, Sherif (2018) Broccoli-shaped biosensor hierarchy for electrochemical screening of noradrenaline in living cells. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 100. pp. 122-131. ISSN 09565663

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Fulton, John and Thompson Olusegun, Kareem (2018) The perception and health seeking behaviour surrounding vaccine-preventable diseases in children: focus on the nomads of Nigeria - the Fulani. In: BSA 50th Anniversary Medical Sociology Conference, 12th - 14th September 2018, Glasgow Caledonian University. (Unpublished)


Gambles, Ellen-Alyssa, Anderson, Steven, Leyland, Sandra and Ling, Jonathan (2018) Barriers and Facilitators underpinning PE teachers’ perspectives of the Teaching Games for Understanding approach using Occupational Socialisation. In: North East Postgraduate Conference 2018, 09 Nov 2018, Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. (Unpublished)

Gambles, Ellen-Alyssa, Anderson, Steven, Leyland, Sandra and Ling, Jonathan (2018) Occupational Socialisation Theory: Identification of the barriers and facilitators that underpin physical education teachers' perspectives of the Teaching Games for Understanding approach. In: BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) Student Conference 2018, Apr 2018, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

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Graham, Yitka (2018) Adjusting to the social aspects of bariatric surgery. In: 2nd Congress on revisional bariatric surgery/2o Congreso de cirugia de revision, Feb 21 - 23 2019, Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico.

Graham, Yitka (2018) Making a difference: the positive benefits of research on patient care. In: Gateshead 15th Annual Nursing and Midwifery Conference, May 22nd 2018, Gateshead.

Graham, Yitka (2018) PROACT: preventing pressure ulcers in care home settings. In: NHS England Extended Health in Care Homes Conference, 30 Jan 2018, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka (2018) Percepcion del paciente ante una cirugia bariatrica revisional/Perceptions of the patient before a revisional bariatric surgical procedure. In: 2nd Congress of Revisional Bariatric Surgery/2o Congreso de Revision, 21 - 23 Feb 2019, Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka (2018) Social media, digital technology and patients: experiences from UK Integrated Health Professionals. In: 2nd Congress of Revisional Bariatric Surgery/2o Congreso de Revision, 21 - 23 Feb 2019, Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico.

Graham, Yitka (2018) Who fails more: patient or procedure/surgeon?/Quien falla mas:paciente o cirugia/cirujano? In: 2nd Congress on revisional bariatric surgery/2o congreso de cirugia revisional, Feb 21 - 23 2019, Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico.

Graham, Yitka and Fox, Ann (2018) Preventing pressure ulcers: developing a framework of collaborative working across partners in health and social care settings.

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Hayes, Catherine (2018) 'Building Pedagogic Practice; Using Lego Serious Play in Postgraduate Nurse Education'. In: Christina Nerantzi Compilation - Stories of Lego Serious Play. UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted)

Hayes, Catherine (2018) 'Building Resilience with Lego Serious Play: Facilitating Self Awareness and Reflexivity'. In: UKAT Annual Conference 2019: Transition, Persistence and Resilience: Academic Advising for Success, 11th and 12th April, 2019, Plymouth University. (Submitted)

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